Corporate Broadcast

With seven properties playing host across the United States, Omni Hotels converted their annual face-to-face ‘Here Comes Omni’ event into a 5-day broadcast spanning all seven locations. Each property included an Encore camera crew for the location’s on-air presenters.


Traditionally, Here Comes Omni has been a multi-city, F2F event. In response to Covid19 and travel restrictions, Omni Hotels & Resorts partnered with Encore to broadcast from seven different locations spanning five days. The primary purpose of the event was for Omni Hotels & Resorts to reconnect with their meeting planner customers and present their Clean and Safe operation initiatives.


Strategy, content development, event management, registration management, virtual production, platform selection and technology management. Remote broadcast studio at Omni HQ based in Dallas, TX. Seven host properties, throughout the U.S., that Omni HQ would go to for live updates. Each property had an Encore camera crew for the on-air presenters.


Expected viewership of 150 people per broadcast, registration and livestream views far exceeded expectations. Averaging 500 viewers per broadcast. 23,158 Total Interactions – Taps, Views and Votes cast on the Chime Live Event App


Each Event Is An Original

Each of your events is unique, so we customize each one to meet your objectives.

“Great partnership and big success as we work our way out of COVID-19. Thank you and your team for a great job!"

Dan Surette
Chief Sales Officer