Four Seasons Hybrid Meetings Training

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Encore Hybrid Meetings Training for Four Seasons

Join Michael Graham, Deborah Mategrano and Robert Parrish of Encore in an introduction to prepare you to confidently sell Hybrid Meetings. Originally presented to the Four Seasons WSO, this forty minute webinar recorded February 2021 is a great starting point as you further your knowledge of the technical capabilities to support Hybrid Meetings.


      • Debra Mategrano, Regional Sales Director
      • Robert Parrish, Vice President, Field Sales

The Art of Planning – Building an Effective Event Strategy

Using proven methods and a creative mindset, Tara Higgins, walks you through event strategy and design – specific to hybrid events. As the first course in our How-to-Hybrid series, Tara shares ways to develop a deeper understanding of your audience and then transform those insights into a creative, enriching in-person and online experience. Learn how to set event benchmarks that yield success, and learn how to develop hybrid engagement strategies to meet them.


      • Tara Higgins, Senior Vice President, Commercial and President, Hargrove
      • Jim Huss, Director, Event & Experiences at Intel Corporation

How to Hybrid 101

Class is in session! John Rissi, and Debra Mategrano, dissect the anatomy of a successful hybrid event. By breaking down its components, John shows you how to take any event and adapt it into a worthwhile hybrid experience. Learn how these 6 Key Drivers – environment, experience, engagement, connectivity, content, and production – support every participant’s objectives. Learn how the key drivers are able to scale for a variety of meeting and event types and find out how they all work together to create an unforgettable hybrid experience.


      • John Rissi, Senior Vice President, Customer and Industry Relations
      • Debra Mategrano, Regional Sales Director, Field Sales

Creating Engagement at Hybrid Events - From Informed to Engaged & Back

Wondering how to create greater  engagement at hybrid events? This is a perfect session for you. Chris Bryant will cover what needs to be factored in to avoid fatigue in an easy-to-understand way.  Learn about: 

      • Adjusting for the hybrid participant journey
      • Event platforms and what to consider when selecting a partner
      • Using engagement tools to help you deliver on your desired outcomes
      • Unique considerations for engaging and supporting your hybrid audiences
      • Internet connectivity for a seamless and uninterrupted hybrid event


      • Chris Bryant, Director, Global Accounts, Concise

Eyes up front: Maximize your Hybrid Event Content with Production Value

Learn how to take a production-minded approach to hybrid events. Get a behind-the-scenes look at a hybrid production environment and familiarize yourself with various production tools, personnel, and equipment that are well-suited or must-haves for hybrid events. We’ll talk about staging, lighting, sound, extended realities, pre-recorded and live content, and the importance of a deliberate engagement strategy. With proper management, learn how the MTV (Money Time Value) of your initial investment reaps short-term and long-term rewards through a focus on delivering content in a memorable way.


      • Megan Angle, Senior Producer, Creative Services

Hybrid Help – Ask the Experts

It’s the ultimate AMA session! Ask the experts and get a recap of the most commonly-asked questions from the entire How-to-Hybrid series. This is a great session if you’re having trouble identifying how the drivers work in concert with one another. Don’t miss your opportunity to talk to our panel of experts, each a specialist in their respective subject area:

      • Environment 
      • Experience 
      • Engagement 
      • Connectivity 
      • Content 
      • Production


      • Matthew Johnsen, Vice President, Product Management
      • Robert Parrish, Vice President, Field Sales

ProEDge Special Edition - Women in Business: Cause, Effect & the Future

In honor of Women’s History Month, we take a deeper dive into a case study with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping women-owned businesses thrive. Join us for this compelling session with WBENC’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Pat Birmingham joined by our very own Tara Higgins, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Encore & President, Hargrove. Learn how the pandemic has affected women owned businesses.  As part of the discussion they will focus of the future of events, and how WBENC reimagined a format to continue to support the growth and revitalization of women owned business and how as a community we continue to support women in the events industry.

Key Takeaways:

      • Learn how WBENC have changed their approach to events in order to get critical content to their community
      • How female entrepreneurs and careers in general have been impacted through COVID
      • How WBENC are thinking about event planning for their events in the future


      • Tara Higgins, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Encore & President, Hargrove
      • Pat Birmingham, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Technology, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

How to Hybrid: Planning a Safe, Engaging Event

In this session, learn how SITE TX produced their first successful hybrid event: “How to Hybrid: Reimagining Meetings & Events”. From 90 expected attendees to 700+ virtual and 35 in-person attendees. 


      • Bud Monefeldt, Director of Sales, Encore Global
      • Lorraine Mahoney, CITP, President-Elect for SITE-Texas, Global Account Manager for Marriott International

Presentation Stages: Meetings at Every Phase

Virtual experiences will undoubtedly be part of event strategies for the foreseeable future. With some locations allowing small gatherings and hybrid meetings and others limited to strictly virtual, there will be an influx of solutions that will help guide the fluid transition between virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face.


      • Anthony Vade, Experience Architect, FMAV

The Virtual Producer's Toolbox

In this session, we will share insights into the role of the virtual producer while providing tips and tricks for getting the most out of your virtual event production.


      • Alisa Zinovoy, Program Production Director, Encore
      • Amber Cunningham, Producer and Stage Manager, Encore Canada
      • James Shepheard-Walwyn, Managing Director, Concise
      • Anthony Vade, Experience Architect, FMAV

Leading Through Change

In this series we will communicate the calls to action for leaders to take on the role of “Listener,” and the behaviors and language they can use to the best support and help employees process their emotions. We will provide tactical applications leaders can use to help ease the shock of sudden change and provide several resources for continued learning and use as teams move through this phase of the change process.


      • Mark Wojcik, Director Talent Management, Encore Training and Development

New Challenges, Big Opportunities

This session will address questions that you may ask yourself, your stakeholders, and your suppliers before uncovering the challenges and opportunities that Virtual and Hybrid events present.


      • Bryan Sterling, Group Director, Global Sales, Encore

MeetSAFE™: Helping our Industry Get Back to Work

As businesses reopen and restrictions on public gatherings start to ease, the question we keep hearing is: What will meetings and events look like following the COVID-19 pandemic? This panel discussion of industry experts will dive into the risk and health considerations during the road to recovery, along with our newly released MeetSAFE™ guidelines.


      • Kevin Carey, Executive Vice President and COO, AHLA
      • Matt Johnsen, Vice President of Product Management for Encore

Plan, Set, Show: Create a Seamless Event

Are ineffective processes holding you back? Learn how to apply Six Sigma and lean principles to event planning and execution, resulting in improved event design and implementation.


      • Brandon Goodman, Senior Director, Encore, Project Management

When Science and Events Combine: Adult Learning and Technology

Effective use of psychology principles in event technology can ensure your conference message is hitting the mark with attendees. Learn how the right mix of science and technology play a major role in a successful event.


      • Hope Holm, Regional Sales Director, Encore, Field Sales

Experience Design on Any Scale: Go Beyond a "Meeting" Planner

Meeting planners are being told, “You’re an experience designer.” So, how do you do it, and where do you start? In this exploratory session, you’ll learn the core strategies for designing events, omnichannel journeys, and environments that focus specifically on attendee experience. Finally, discover how a little empathy can help ensure attendees’ needs are met and your strategic goals are realized.


      • David Solsbery, Vice President, Creative & Marketing, Hargrove

Content for All Ages: Education and Engagement for Modern Times

We hear a lot of buzz around the need to use technology to attract and engage Millennials and Gen Z’ers. In reality, technology has changed the way everyone learns, increasing the need for more engaging and interactive sessions. Join us to discuss what has changed and explore ideas around delivering content in new ways to create an overall engaging experience.


      • Debra Mategrano, Regional Sales Director, Field Sales, Encore

Trends, Tech, Futures: Trending Pathways

This insightful presentation covers tech-forward meeting trends, preparing event professionals for the rapid change inherent in the industry. Make your meeting more impactful with recent insights about the critical technologies that power these trends and how they advance live events.


      • Christian Wright, Director, Research & Development, Encore, Product Management


Live from the Living Room: Connecting and Presenting Virtually

Presenting from home? Make sure you’re doing it like a pro. During this session, you’ll learn tips and tricks to optimize your Wi-Fi, develop an at-home studio, and never worry about a “spotty connection” again.


      • Alex Wedesky, Sr. Field Operations Manager, Encore, Internet Services

Unlocking Opportunities: Building Your Sponsorship Strategy

With a crowded event space, sponsors are having to make tough decisions on where they spend their marketing dollars. If organizers don’t have a strategy in place to help meet the marketing goals and objectives of their sponsors, they will soon see their revenue decrease. A multi-year strategy offers the opportunity for maximum revenue generation, creates loyal sponsors and, at the end of the day, deepens attendee engagement.


      • Meg Fasy, Principal, FazeFWD Sponsorship Marketing

Technology Ways to Wow: Impactful Tech, Powerful Results

Maximize every opportunity to energize your audience with technology. In this session, discover innovative ideas to leverage technology for inspiring events regardless of your budget.


      • Todd Marinko, Group Vice President, Encore

PSAV has been approved by the Events Industry Council (EIC) as a Preferred Provider of the listed continuing education courses, which qualify for CMP continuing education credit.

CMP-IS — sessions fall into the following areas: Meeting or Event Design, Site Management and Strategic Planning

CE Hours: each session is 0.75 CE

Delivery Method: Live Webinar