Giving Lyft a Lift

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Building a relationship with a 21st-century technology brand means playing at a high level and never letting the foot off the pedal. What began as an exploratory collaboration between Lyft and Encore’s global production group has now blossomed into four events a year and a special partnership—to continue the high quality creative vision, and top-level execution that came with the CVPR Conference at Long Beach Convention Center in California.

Lyft tasked Encore’s global production group with bringing their ambitious and creative vision for an attractive and highly interactive booth at the CVPR Conference to life. Here is the catch: create the most bang for their buck in a tight conference space. The result was nothing short of stunning—an incredible display featuring Lyft’s latest technology in a brand-packed booth design.

Encore built a custom white back wall with a dramatic tunnel illuminating the center space with LED lights featuring the signature Lyft purple. With a Lyft logo (just like the ones in Lyft driver vehicles) soaring in the rafters of the convention center, and the branded back wall, people naturally gravitated to the spectacle. Once attendees entered, they were met with Lyft swag and the main attraction—monitors and touchpads featuring demonstrations of Lyft’s latest auto-driving and artificial intelligence technology. A projector affixed to the ceiling played a looping video with behind the scenes action of the innovative technology. Minds were blown.

This vision-comes-to-life experience shows how Encore works with partners to execute upon a creative vision—­­offering suggestions, sharing best practices, and creating ideas to further enhance the possibilities. The Lyft booth experience got a real production…lift.