Having the right camera solution in your meeting space can provide the visual connection needed to inspire greater collaboration and engagement, especially when you need to deliver an enriching experience for dual audiences. Keep the focus on your speakers, participants and content with clear and high-definition captures that inspire interest and interaction. Whether your goal is to connect in-person and remote participants, record and share your programming, enhance your meeting’s production value or boost attendees’ message retention, the right camera can make all the difference in your success.  

Production Broadcast Cameras

Looking for an effective way to capture meeting content with the best possible quality? Encore’s Production Broadcast Cameras offer superior image quality, depth of field control, and low-light performance, enabling event organizers to showcase their events in the best possible light. By utilizing broadcast cameras, event spaces can elevate the overall production value and deliver a visually captivating experience to both in-person participants and remote viewers.

It offers:

      • Crystal clear image and video capture with its 4K/UHD resolution
      • HDR-compatible image quality
      • Live streaming and recording capabilities
      • Multiple lens options, including long-range zoom, so the camera can be placed in the back of the room, out of attendees’ view
      • Color matching and shading with multiple cameras for seamless switching and compositing

Meeting Room Cameras

Encore meeting room cameras offer a budget friendly solution compared to Production Broadcast cameras without compromising qualityWith it’s small footprint, you can ensure you are maximizing space for in room participants in small to medium sized spaces or provide alternative view perspectives in a larger, multi camera production 

It offers: 

      • Crystal-clear image and video capture with its 4K/UHD resolution  
      • More space for attendees thanks to its small footprint 
      • Lightweight body with low power consumption   
      • Cost-effective solution to capture quality images up to 60’ away with its  integrated zoom lens 
      • Color matching and shading compatibility with multiple cameras for seamless switching and compositing 

Robotic Pan-Tilt and Zoom Cameras

Robotic PanTilt and Zoom Cameras are another streamlined solution for meeting professionals, thanks to their ease of setup and premium video quality. They offer the ability to capture dynamic and immersive content from various angles and perspectivesWith their pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities, these cameras can swiftly and smoothly move to track subjects, follow presenters, or capture action in real timeThe versatile shooting capabilities of robotic PTZ cameras deliver visually engaging content that captivates and immerses audiences, enhancing the overall event experience.   

It offers: 

      • Cost savings due to its ability to remote control camera movements with a single operator 
      • Crystal clear 4K image and video capture quality 
      • Can be placed in unique positions for dynamic camera angles 
      • Multiple cameras color matched for seamless switching and composting 

Web Conference Camera

Create a hybrid or virtual event with a solution that’s easy to set up and delivers boundless video quality for everyone, everywhere. Encore offers a vast product portfolio of web conference camera solutions to fit your small meeting needsWhether you’re having an intimate collaboration or meeting with multiple participants around a conference table or a u-shaped table, Encore offers the most effective solution to meet your needs Encore Web Conference Camera solutions feature all in one, fully integrated camera, microphone, and speaker systems, making it an optimal choice for ease of use integrating the physical meeting space with virtual participants.  

It offers:

      • Up to 4K resolution for clear images and video that can help increase engagement
      • All-in-one cost-effective solution for hybrid and virtual small meetings, as it includes microphones and speakers
      • Multiple Field of View lens products including 360° solution for enhanced collaboration
      • Plug ‘n play USB connectivity, enabling simple setup
      • Compatibility with most video conferencing platforms for stress-free integration

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