Hybrid and virtual events have become a popular choice for organizations worldwide. This is mainly due to the variety of benefits which include flexibility, inclusivity, connection and engagement.

But is it best for organizations to produce and execute their hybrid or virtual events using self-serve platforms or managed solutions? In our most recent ProEDge webinar session (which you can watch here), our host was able to speak with industry professionals from Cvent, The Alliance, and Encore who were able to shed some light on the best platform solutions and how to determine an event’s needs. 

Based on these conversations, we developed some questions to ask when choosing between running an event yourself or using a digital event provider.

Will you require technical support?

Technical problems are one of the most common issues experienced during hybrid and virtual events. Although thorough preparation can help reduce the chances of something going wrong on presentation day, it’s critical to be able to anticipate complications and quickly resolve issues. 

When using a DIY event solution, you are on your own to troubleshoot any technological and network issues. While some common remedies (e.g., restarting routers, system reboots) can help get you back up and running, the disruptions can have a negative impact on your meeting.

Managed virtual and hybrid event providers, like Encore, offer readily available technical support before, during and after your event. It can create greater peace of mind to let experts monitor your event to foresee potential problems before they arise and troubleshoot on the fly so that if something goes wrong, they can jump in to resolve before attendees know anything has occurred.


Will your speakers require assistance preparing presentations?

While most event speakers practice ensuring their presentations and messaging work, there are many factors which are often overlooked and can impact the delivery. With DIY options, you are tasked with handling rehearsals, managing presenters, checking audio and video components. Managed event solutions provide the expert assistance you and your speakers need. 

During the ProEDge session, Corey Bryant, Senior Director of The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance, stated that the executive producer assigned to their event helped their presenters arrive prepared. “Our Encore executive producer was able to train our presenters ahead of time. We set up a handful of virtual training sessions where speakers could check their backgrounds, their tech and other details. They even provided tips and tricks to make sure the messaging was effective.”

When you choose a full-service platform, you aren’t just getting user-friendly digital features. You are also getting a support team that allows you to focus on other aspects of your event and they help you provide an engaging event experience for all participants.


What is the best option for your event?

When it comes to hosting a seamless event end-to-end, having an experienced professional to manage the process for you is going to be the best option, in most cases. Lead time, budget, objectives and the type of event experience you want to create for your participants are also key factors.

DIY platform options, like Cvent’s Attendee Hub, allow you to customize your event and run it on your own terms. Combining this technology with production support solutions from Encore, can help you deliver a seamless experience.

If you’re still wondering what’s the right decision for your organization, get in touch with the team at Encore. We are experts in both managed and self-managed event platforms and can give you the best advice to fit your unique circumstances.

We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied hosting your next hybrid or virtual event with Encore. Learn more by watching our on-demand, educational webinar session, DIY digital platforms demystified, to help you determine what solution will work best for you. If you are looking for guidance about your upcoming event, contact one of our experts today and book a demonstration to see how Encore can take your events to the next level.

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