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Why Go Big for Your Next Small Event or Meeting?

Leading organizations of all sizes are increasingly looking to the small meeting format to get things done, build community, and spark change. Purpose is critical in planning meetings with groups of 50 people or fewer, whether nurturing company culture, creating VIP gatherings, aligning on priorities, or collaborating to solve tough challenges. Smaller meetings are inclusive and intimate – everyone has a chance to shine while strengthening relationships.

The future of events is immersive and interactive, and a small meeting size doesn’t have to limit the experience. Encore offers the right tools and expertise to elevate atmosphere, prevent technical glitches, and drive participation and engagement.

With Encore’s team on their side, planners gain the benefits of our experience and technologies – regardless of meeting size.

Technology Solutions

Transform your meeting.

Leverage the power and collaboration of small meeting dynamics with our range of audiovisual and digital solutions. Our cutting-edge technology and onsite teams can help you clarify your goals and align them with the right technical tools and support. We’ll ensure everything is set up properly, create the right in-room atmosphere and ensure a seamless technical experience.

Featured Solutions

Create engaging events with our easy, turnkey kit

  • Eliminate clutter and increase seating space with compact projector, cord, and cart setup
  • Create a high-production event with high-definition, ultra-short throw rear projector
  • Enchant your audience with remote-controlled LED accent uplighting
  • Amplify any computer audio with presentation speakers
  • Customize set-up by adding your logo to the screen skirt for added swagger

Digital platform that drives engagement before, during, and after the event

  • Show attendees you appreciate and want them to have a great experience
  • Keep everyone informed with pre-registration, agendas, Q&A, and more
  • Works on mobile, tablets, and laptops
  • Utilize event and platform analytics to help plan for future meetings
  • Maximize engagement with Chime LiveSM, where our onsite experts choreograph the experience with bios, guestbooks, pre-work materials, chats, interactive polls, upvoting, and more

Small Meeting Solutions

Experience visual excellence with large monitors or premium projector screens that highlight your video, slides, or other multimedia presentations.

Keep your attendees tuned in with the right audiovisual equipment, including easy-to-use camera and audio solutions.

Elevate every event with the best-in-class platforms designed to keep attendees more engaged before, during, and after the meeting.

Keep your event running smoothly and attendees connected with reliable internet and power distribution solutions.

Encore experts provide end-to-end coordination or support you in event management, creative set-up or technology.

Small Meeting Planner Tools

Download these valuable resources today.

Small Meetings Guide

Valuable insights for creating successful small meetings.


Ultimate Small Meeting Setup

A visual snapshot of how to best set up your room.


5 Key Small Meeting Questions

Here’s what planners should ask to start off right.


Technology Options for Every Small Meeting

Quick comparison guide to crank up engagement.


Creative and Content Support

We believe small meetings can be just as creative and memorable as large events.

Our team of experienced strategists and designers can help you bring your brand, your goals, and your content to life with visual and emotional appeal. We also offer Creative Self-Service, a collection of PowerPoint template slides with Logo Loop, Intro Look, and Speaker Title slides. All can be used together for seamless transitions or individually to suit your presentation needs.

  • Event strategy and thematic development
  • Creative Self-Service presentation templates
  • Branded visual assets, banners, posters, decals
  • Video production
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Speech writing

Meeting Design and Execution

Even small meetings involve some design to be successful.

By asking you a series of key questions developed over decades of experience in executing small meetings and breakouts, our event experts guide you through planning and spot potential roadblocks. Want to turn it up a few notches? Our experts can create a more immersive, interactive experience to “wow” your audience.

  • Event management
  • Staging and presenter support
  • Lighting, AV, music, drapes, power support
  • Simple but dramatic scenic softwalls, tiles, and panels
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