Every year, Encore surveys thousands of meeting and event professionals about meeting/event patterns and formats, how they spend their money and their biggest concerns. Individually, these quarterly Planner Pulse reports form snapshots of current industry trends. But taken collectively, we can begin to forecast where the industry is headed. Looking at the big picture painted by results from our four 2022 surveys, here are the Top 3 event trends for 2023.

Trend No. 1: Immersive and interactive experiences to engage participants and enhance organizational culture

According to McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey, 58 percent of the employed respondents in the U.S. have the option of working from home for all or part of the week. With a dispersed workforce, in-person engagement is more important than ever for creating and reinforcing an organization’s culture, training employees and fostering a sense of belonging. Companies aren’t the only ones seeing the need for in-person meetings. Encore Planner Pulse respondents report that, compared to 2019, participants value the in-person experience more and are more engaged with and ‘leaning into’ the entire face-to-face experience (Winter 2022 Pulse).

Planners know participants derive the greatest value from networking/relationship building, education/training and organizational culture-building/enhancing activities (Winter 2022 Pulse). Meeting and event professionals are creating more immersive and interactive experiences to maximize the event return-on experience.

How are meeting and event professionals doing this? Designing events with the end in mind, investing in engaging technology, and collaborating with presenters to rethink how content is delivered.

Reverse-engineering the event design leads organizers to rethink how rooms are set to maximize connection and collaboration, bake more opportunities for networking into the agenda and think about how they can create sensory experiences. Technology, like LED walls and 3D projection mapping, is the easiest way to transform rooms and sets quickly. Event technology platforms that enable live polling and Q&A, can be used to educate and entertain. Challenging presenters to respond to questions about how they intend to engage the audience in the call for proposals is a fantastic starting point for conversations about designing and delivering the most meaningful and relevant content for event participants.

Trend No. 2: More attendees for in-person meetings

In-person events continue to gain momentum. Meeting and event professionals expect in-person attendance to increase by as much as 25 percent in 2023. This is a reversal of a downsizing trend seen last spring (Spring 2022 and Winter 2022 Pulse).

The most popular venues remain hotels (Spring 2022 and Fall 2022 Pulse). Sixty-one percent of planners expect to pay slightly to significantly more on hotel room rates (Fall 2022 Pulse). Sixty-two percent expect to pay more for food and beverage, and 57 percent report they will pay more for transportation (Winter 2022, Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 Pulse). Not coincidentally, these also are the Top 3 areas Planners Pulse respondents expect to see their 2023 budgets increase. Of the planners who say their 2023 budgets are increasing, 80 percent expect an increase of more than 25 percent (Winter 2022 Pulse).

According to Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 Pulse reports, the top technology products and services being sourced this year are standard projection/audiovisual equipment (50+ percent) and streaming technology (44 percent). Top attributes driving the selection of event technology partners are value, technical expertise and service excellence (Summer 2022 Pulse).

Trend No. 3: Inclusive and supportive environments to enhance participant wellness and sense of belonging

Health and safety had the greatest impact on participant comfort levels (Spring 2022 Pulse). For that reason, hybrid meetings comprised up to 30 percent of the meetings held in the first half of last year. (Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 Pulse). Now that people are more comfortable traveling, the number of hybrid meetings represents fewer than 20 percent of the meetings planned for 2023 (Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 Pulse).

It’s not just participants’ physical wellness that’s a focus for planners. They also want to support mental and emotional wellness by fostering a sense of attendee belonging, enhanced by face-to-face meeting. One of the ways planners are incorporating this trend into event design include education and conversational groups modeled on the ‘business resource groups’ present at most major organizations, where participants gather with like-minded community members. They’re also using technology, like AI-powered simultaneous translation and captioning tools, to ensure people with neurodiversity or disabilities have an easier time connecting to the content and enjoying it. And for those who don’t want to travel, hybrid event technology allows everyone to participate in the event, no matter where they’re located.

Technology can also help people connect to each other on a more human level by capturing images and stories and sharing them with participants before, during or after the event. Consider setting up on-site interviews or photography booths to capture this user-generated content. Remember: everyone wants to feel special and included. If you can deliver experiences that deliver both to your participants, they’ll want to come back next year.

Those are the Top 3 trends we’re seeing. How are you planning to make your meetings more engaging, supportive of ESG or inclusive? We’d love to hear about your 2023 events and the challenges and solutions you discover as you move through the year. Click here to download the Winter 2022 Planners Pulse Report and opt-in to future communications to have your opinion included.

The basic tools, technologies and best practices you need to engage dual remote and in-room audiences.

What are your event essentials?

The tools you need depend on the experience you’re trying to create. All hybrid events will need camera and audio as well as an event platform. Use this chart to identify additional elements you might need.
hybrid essentials graph

Basic event technology requirements

Camera and audio: For small, hybrid meetings, most cameras offer integrated audio and speaker solutions. For larger events, you may want an external camera or a broadcast-quality setup. The three main considerations that will help you select the right camera and audio for your event are:

      • Connectivity: Will the camera/audio be integrated into a laptop, plugged in via USB, or will it be a broadcast solution connected via SDI or HDMI?
      • Field of view (FOV): Do you need a camera that swivels 360 degrees? Or is a static shot with fixed angle of 125 degrees or less sufficient?

Wired internet: Pre-pandemic, wireless internet was the standard, but for broadcast events, you need a wired internet connection.

      • Simple wired internet (3 MB) is ideal for 1:1 videoconferencing but not great for webinars.
      • Superior wired internet (5 MB) is ideal for webinars, but not great for hybrid conferences.
      • Dedicated bandwidth (varies depending on need) is ideal for hybrid conferences and broadcast events but is overkill for 1:1 videoconferences and most webinars.

Additional displays:
If your event is a one-way broadcast, then you don’t need to worry about additional in-room displays. But they are phenomenal at increasing engagement between remote and in-room audiences. They help these dual audiences see and talk with each other.

      • Traditional tripod screen kits are ideal for educational meetings, standard presentations and large conference rooms. They’re not great for rooms with limited space or interactive sessions.
      • Large format monitors are idea for board meetings, rooms with limited space, collaborative sessions and large conference rooms. They are not great for single-focus meetings.

Enterprise videoconferencing tool: When you’re broadcasting content, you need a reliable videoconferencing tool to stream content. Encore offers an enterprise videoconferencing tool through Zoom that guarantees the highest quality stream available. Encore also provides platform solutions and onsite support for technologies such as Chime Go℠, Chime Live℠, Cvent Attendee Hub® and Notified Virtual Event Platform®

Laptop rental: If you want to be able to show up and start your meeting, or if you need to check email and work during breaks, then invest in a rental laptop. For a relatively small investment, it provides huge peace of mind and frees up presenters and planners onsite. Having a dedicated laptop for your event guarantees:

      • Properly configured software and broadcast settings
      • Full integration with technology services
      • Required processing power needed to display rich media content without glitches

Event technology provider:
Producing a hybrid event means you’re designing two simultaneous experiences. With one of them being face-to-face and the other existing in digital spaces, this creates additional layers of complexity and potential errors. Partnering with a trusted event technology partner, like Encore, can eliminate human error, turnaround professional-quality events in an abbreviated period, and help you exceed expectations. Contact Encore for a free consultation.

Want to read more about hybrid essential technology? See this content and more in guidebook form by clicking the link below:

Don’t let audio issues disrupt your event

When speakers are presenting their message, it’s crucial to make sure all participants can hear clearly. Taking the time to ensure your audio components are working properly will improve your attendees’ experience and help them fully engage in meetings. That’s why choosing the right audio-visual equipment and technology is so important. Encore developed a guide to help you improve the interaction between presenters and audience members, especially for events with audiences in various locations.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

          • How to identify typical audio-visual issues
          • Which sound solutions work for various meeting formats
          • Best practices to improve sound quality
          • And more!


Download our guide to step up the sound quality of your hybrid events today!


Download the Audio Streaming Solutions Guide for Planners

Discover what camera options work best for
your meeting

Video cameras play an integral role in both your participants’ experience and your hybrid event’s production. Proper visual equipment has the power to connect your in-person and remote participants to help them stay engaged and feel included in the conversation. That’s why choosing the right camera package is so important. Encore developed a guide to help you deliver an interactive event experience.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

          • The importance of the audio-visual experience
          • How to define your desired experience
          • Factors that can impact your meeting quality
          • And more!

Download our guide to step up the quality of your hybrid events today!


Download the Camera Solutions Guide for Meetings & Events

How It Works:

Step 1:

Check the boxes for the categories that apply to your event. It isn’t necessary to select all categories.

Step 2:

Using the guidance listed under each category, complete the information requested.

Step 3:

Below the categories you’ll find a summary of the estimated bandwidth by category and the total estimated bandwidth for the event.

Step 4:

Contact an Encore Representative or Ask a Question for further consultation on Event Internet. 

Not sure if you need dedicated bandwidth? 

Enter Your Event Details:

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Professional Edge Webinar Series Videos

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Register for one or all our interactive and educational webinars that will bring meetings and events industry experts to a screen near you. Earn continuing education hours and sharpen your skills through sessions covering relevant topics like choreograph experiences, industry insights, upcoming meeting trends, and much more.

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Boundless Possibilities for Event Engagement

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Date Recorded: June 15th, 2022

As a part of the Hybrid webinar series, the first step to maximizing boundless possibilities for event engagement is to realize that engagement opportunities begin way before the doors open and continue far after the last session ends. In this webinar, you’ll learn pre-show strategies, such as how to create audience engagement with your registration site and marketing campaigns, how to extend excitement and create curiosity from one event to another, prepare your event participants for the upcoming experience, and learn more about who’s coming. You’ll be introduced to inventive ways you can leverage second screens and engagement technology to keep participants engaged during the event, and you’ll also learn about post-show strategies that will improve the desired actions, sustain the momentum, and generate interest, including earned word-of-mouth sharing and recommendations, in your next event.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn how leveraging advanced technology can increase participant engagement
    • Examine different strategies and tactics used to engage in-person and remote attendees
    • Discover creative ways to activate and engage participants’ senses (sound, sight, smell and touch) during in-person, hybrid and virtual events

Hybrid Essentials for Small Meetings

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here
Date Recorded: April 27th, 2022

In-person meetings are back. But not all meeting participants are. Even in-person meetings need to have a fully integrated and immersive hybrid component. During this 45-minute session, you’ll learn about the most important hybrid tools to make your small meetings more inclusive, why these tools matter, and how they work in real-life room sets. Join us for this free webinar and learn about the most effective ways to transform your hybrid events into something extraordinary.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn how to best connect in-person and virtual participants
    • Understand the different hybrid essentials for small meeting
    • Describe how each component enhances the experience for in-person and remote participants
    • Identify ways to maximize attendee engagement with hybrid room set-ups

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Event Platforms

DIY digital event platforms demystified - In partnership with Cvent®

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: February 16th, 2022

According to recent Encore Planner Pulse insights, only half of event organizers surveyed consider the needs and goals of their events prior to selecting a digital platform. Yet, to produce successful events, you need both the right platform and tech team. If you’re struggling to make the connection, this webinar is for you. We’ll examine real-life case studies and solutions that range from do-it-yourself to full-service support so you can elevate your next event experience.


    • Donna Hubley, Vice President, Field Sales


    • Karri Hobson-Pape, Executive Director, Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance
    • McNeel Keenan,Vice President of Product, Cvent®
    • Andrew Rohland, Project Management, Encore
    • Erik Bockelman, Sales Manager Virtual & Hybrid, Encore
    • Corey Bryant, Senior Director, Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance


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Event platforms: DIY vs. managed solutions

Professional Edge 2021 Recorded Sessions

Next Practices: Successful Fundraising & Social Events  

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: December 1st

Whether you’re a corporation, association or non-profit, now is a great time to think about social events or adding social aspects to your next event.  For non-profits, as much as 80 percent of their net operating income may come from a once-a-year event. While for corporations, giving back is a key goal this time of year.  Or maybe your organization is looking for ways to recognize and celebrate key contributors to your 2021 success?  


    • Donna Hubley, Vice President, Field Sales


    • Audee Kochiyama-Holman, Director of Alumni relations, Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus
    • David Eck, DES Virtual & Hybrid Specialist, Global Sales
    • James Hess, Virtual & Hybrid Sales Manager


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Case Study – Virtual Fundraiser Luncheon

Planning Complex Events in Times of Uncertainty

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: October 13th

Planning a large-scale conference or exhibition is no easy task, even in in ‘normal’ times. But with Covid-19 variants potentially impacting the best laid plans, how can you organize events in smarter ways?

Join our panel of experts from Encore, Intel and Notified as we discuss the process of planning complex events, Virtual & Hybrid event formats, contingency plans, special considerations, exhibitor integration and methods for maximizing sponsorship ROI.


    • Donna Hubley, Vice President, Field Sales


    • Jim Huss, Director, Event & Experiences at Intel Corporation
    • Tony Lorenz, Global Head of Event Solutions | SVP, Strategy, Notified
    • Kaelynn Mahalak, Director Global Sales, Encore
    • Alan Gillis Jr., Program Producer, Encore


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Notified from Intrado – Virtual Event Platform 

Questions you need to ask your key meeting and event stakeholders

Next Practices: Hybrid Event Room Design and Engagement Through Technology

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: September 15th

If you’re still designing physical spaces for hybrid experiences the way you did for in-person meetings, you’re wasting money and alienating remote participants. Designing rooms to stream content require adjustments to traditional sound, lighting and equipment set-ups. You also need to tweak how you communicate with speakers and participants pre-event. Learn what these hybrid event “next” best practices are and what new technologies can help you engage and elevate the experience for everyone. 


    • Donna Hubley, Vice President, Field Sales


    • Karla Reyes, Senior Sales Manager
    • Irina Batchelor, Sales Director
    • Damein Futch, Product Manager
    • Tommy Kotz, Product Manager


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Planner Tips: Event Strategy and Design for Hybrid Meetings 

Digital Engagement

Harness Light to Engage Your Audience

Creating an Accessible Meeting with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Mind

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: August 25th

Hybrid drives expanded reach of content and collaboration, diversity and inclusion of attendees, lowering the environmental impact of events and improved accessibility for those with disabilities. 


    • Donna Hubley, Vice President, Field Sales


    • Samantha Evans, Certification Manager, International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)
    • Kevin McFarlane, Director of Product Development, Concise
    • MaryBeth Costello, Vice President Talent, Global Learning & Corporate HR
    • Gloria Gonzalez, Sales and Marketing Manager, CSI

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Encore

Tips for Creating More Accessible Hybrid and Virtual Events

How Choreography Creates Transformative Events

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: July 28th

Planning events can be daunting. With so many details to manage and stakeholders to please, how do you bring clarity and focus into the process? Learn how to strategically plan and deliver Choreographed Event Experiences — and drive positive outcomes for participants, presenters and planners with this approach.


    • Jo Merriman, Client Services Director, Concise Europe 


    • Doug Kunnath, Client Experience Director, Concise US

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Why Your Upcoming Event Needs a Plan B (or even Plan C)

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: June 30th

Have you ever lost power, internet, meeting space, presenter content, etc. during your meeting? You’re not the only one who’s had mishaps. Learn about challenges your peers have experienced in planning and executing events and how they were addressed successfully.


    • Donna Hubley, Vice President, Field Sales 


    • Alex Wedesky, Field Operations Manager, Internet Services
    • Derek L. Coleman, Vice President, Power Distribution Services, Design and Integration
    • Brandon Goodman, Senior Director, Project Management, Encore

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Planner Tips: Event Strategy and Design for Hybrid Meetings 




Hybrid Help – Ask the Experts

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: April 28th

 It’s the ultimate AMA session! Ask the experts and get a recap of the most commonly-asked questions from the entire How-to-Hybrid series. This is a great session if you’re having trouble identifying how the drivers work in concert with one another. Don’t miss your opportunity to talk to our panel of experts, each a specialist in their respective subject area:

    • Environment
    • Experience
    • Engagement
    • Connectivity
    • Content
    • Production


    • Matthew Johnsen, Vice President, Product Management
    • Robert Parrish, Vice President, Field Sales


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10 tips to make your hybrid event a success

The Art of Planning – Building an Effective Event Strategy

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: February 17th

Using proven methods and a creative mindset, Tara Higgins, walks you through event strategy and design – specific to hybrid events. As the first course in our How-to-Hybrid series, Tara shares ways to develop a deeper understanding of your audience and then transform those insights into a creative, enriching in-person and online experience. Learn how to set event benchmarks that yield success, and learn how to develop hybrid engagement strategies to meet them.


    • Tara Higgins, Senior Vice President, Commercial and President, Hargrove
    • Jim Huss, Director, Event & Experiences at Intel Corporation
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How to Hybrid 101

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: March 3rd

Class is in session! John Rissi, and Debra Mategrano, dissect the anatomy of a successful hybrid event. By breaking down its components, John shows you how to take any event and adapt it into a worthwhile hybrid experience. Learn how these 6 Key Drivers – environment, experience, engagement, connectivity, content, and production – support every participant’s objectives. Learn how the key drivers are able to scale for a variety of meeting and event types and find out how they all work together to create an unforgettable hybrid experience.


    • John Rissi, Senior Vice President, Customer and Industry Relations
    • Debra Mategrano, Regional Sales Director, Field Sales


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Content Development

Hybrid+ Camera Solutions for Planners

A Meeting Environment to Suit Every Hybrid Experience

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: March 17th

Brian Johnston, guides you through the moment it’s time to select a meeting environment for your hybrid event. Learn how your event environment influences the delivery of your content and supports both the in-person and remote participant experience. Pick up tips for optimizing your hybrid event space and create an environment built for learning, multiple presentations, and keeping the focus of your in-person and remote attendees.


    • Brian Johnston, National Director, Creative Innovation
    • Zoila M. Rivera, CMP, Regional Sales Director
    • Joe Pasterkiewicz, Regional Vice President, Venues


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Design a Hybrid Event for Every Participant




ProEDge Special Edition - Women in Business: Cause, Effect & the Future

Access On-Demand Sessions: To Register or log in click here

Date Recorded: March 29th

In honor of Women’s History Month, we take a deeper dive into a case study with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping women-owned businesses thrive. Join us for this compelling session with WBENC’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Pat Birmingham joined by our very own Tara Higgins, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Encore & President, Hargrove. Learn how the pandemic has affected women owned businesses.  As part of the discussion they will focus of the future of events, and how WBENC reimagined a format to continue to support the growth and revitalization of women owned business and how as a community we continue to support women in the events industry.

Key Takeaways:

    • Learn how WBENC have changed their approach to events in order to get critical content to their community
    • How female entrepreneurs and careers in general have been impacted through COVID
    • How WBENC are thinking about event planning for their events in the future


    • Tara Higgins, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Encore & President, Hargrove
    • Pat Birmingham, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Technology, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)


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Ready to get more done, save time, and reach your hybrid event goals quicker?

As a supplement to the Hybrid Event Handbook, this dynamic Hybrid+ Event Checklist is a planning tool that will help you ensure you’ve covered all of the components you need to consider for a Hybrid event of any size. 

Check off safety measures, recording capture, data analytics and more through our checklist which is broken out into these 6 key drivers:

      • Environment
      • Experience
      • Engagement
      • Connectivity
      • Content
      • Production

Keep your event plans on track by downloading our dynamic planning tool Today!

Download the “Hybrid Event Checklist”

6 Key Drivers

“There are more ways to join audiences and presenters across multiple venues and locations.

And there are more ways to use technology – both traditional audiovisual and cloud solutions – to enhance your brand or association, engage your participants, and collect data that offers new insights into the event experience.”








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Download Now

‘Hybrid’ is defined as the combination of two different elements. In the context of hybrid events, it’s;

"a physical meeting in which an online audience also participates. Essentially, both the physical as well as the online audience come together and participate in the same experience or content at the same time, from different locations."

The benefits of a hybrid event for meeting and event planners lie in the benefits of hosting both the in-person experience as well as the virtual.

So why go hybrid now and not wait until restrictions ease so we can go back to ‘normal’?

The short answer is, the days of only in-person events may be long gone. Restrictions don’t appear to be easing anytime soon, and event planners are starting to capitalize on the benefits that hybrid events can bring. Another growing indicator for an adaptation to hybrid is the fact that participants are more engaged and are enjoying the new format.

According to IMPACT, in 2021, video (including web conferencing) is projected to account for 80% of all internet traffic.

The shift to hybrid events reflects changing attendee behavior and expectations. If you’re looking for reasons to add a digital or streaming component to your event – here are some key benefits of hybrid events. 

Hybrid Event Stage

Why adding virtual to your event can create positive ROI

Event planners are well-versed in the benefits of an in-person experience, so let’s look at what adding in a virtual component can bring:

  • Increased Attendance

    While a venue has capacity limitations for in-person attendees, hybrid events provide an opportunity to reach audiences across the world. By removing the need to travel, you’re effectively able to increase your number of registrations and appeal to a broader audience.

  • Thought-leadership 

    If cost-savings leave you with a larger budget, consider reaching out to presenters who may have previously been out of reach or who are new. This creates an opportunity to build new connections, give your attendees access to new and in-demand speakers and gives presenters exposure to new audiences.

  • Networking

    Interactive virtual platforms like Chime Live are designed to facilitate engagement and networking online. Whether
    via chat, live polling, virtual break-out rooms, video chat, or connecting via social feeds, the digital experience opens up new opportunities for presenters and attendees to engage on a more intimate level than in the past. The beauty of an event platform like Chime Live is the connection created between the in-person and virtual
    attendees. Rather than treating them as separate audiences, the platform is designed to be all-inclusive, giving each attendee the same experience no matter where they login from.

Virtual Event Sponshorship
    • A New Revenue Stream

      Take advantage of the online environment and seek creative virtual event sponsorships that will bring in more revenue and ultimately increase your ROI. If you’re streaming your event live or offering it on-demand, it’s a great opportunity to drive revenue via banner ads, ticketed content, sponsored segments, digital swag bags and more.

    • Data to Report on

      The qualitative nature of in-person events make it a challenge to determine if you’ve successfully hit your goals and targets. The benefit of a hybrid event that introduces a virtual element, is in knowing who attended, when they attended, for how long, what they watched and so much more. This gives you the ability to provide sponsors with data to justify ROI, and importantly, it provides you invaluable insights for improvement.

    • On-Demand Viewing

      A key benefit to adding a virtual component to your events is being able to stream it live or on-demand. This eliminates any time-zone or scheduling conflicts and means your audiences can access the content at a convenient time. Similarly, allowing attendees to view on-demand extends the life of content investment beyond event day.

    • The Opportunity for Social Connection

       With travel and lifestyle restrictions impacting the way we connect, hybrid events provide the benefit of social 
  •    connection with people around the world. Integrating social media into your virtual event platform is a great way
  •    to connect your participants and amplify the social reach of your event. 

Why you need to keep the in-person experience

Humans are social by nature. We need to belong, to connect, and to share moments. We even communicate subconsciously through body language and pheromones, with powerful impact.

The benefits of a hybrid event lie in the elements of in-person interaction and the benefits of adding a virtual component. When executed well, hybrid events have the ability to create truly transformative experiences.

Level up your hybrid event game and earn CE credits!

Get the best hybrid event production with Encore

Encore are experts at planning and delivering successful hybrid events the ones that stand out and keep your attendees coming back. With unparalleled creative, production and technology solutions, you can be confident in the end-to-end production of your hybrid event. We’ve also developed a set of industry-recognized MeetSAFE guidelines for the safe and responsible delivery of events. In response to the pandemic, our production and technical teams implemented these guidelines amidst changing restrictions to ensure room layout, traffic flow, hygiene and technology safeguards meet local requirements. Our teams are well-versed in adapting to the needs of any hybrid event. A successful event starts with a conversation. Let’s have one today! Get in touch with our team or call 866-351-1144.

Love Never Ends - Hybrid Wedding

Host a virtual wedding and broadcast your nuptials to friends and family. That’s what this couple did at one of our venues through a simple internet connection and Facebook Live. We provided the technology and strong network connection to keep them connected to their loved ones.


Rather than postpone their May 9, 2020 nuptials, a soon-to-be-married couple contacted our hotel partners at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort about our virtual wedding options. With a limited number of guests willing (or allowed) to travel, the couple explored their livestreaming options with our in-venue Encore team.


The in-house team got to work helping them shift their in-person wedding to a virtual option that they could link out to their family and friends. The couple chose to broadcast our live recording through Facebook Live where they could still use their wedding hashtag and share all of Facebook’s features with their friends and family.


The couple were so happy they could carry on with their “minimony” – a small, socially-distanced wedding ceremony – instead of their original in-person gathering. Providing onsite assistance and audiovisual equipment (camera with live recording, sound system, mics, cradlepoint hotspot) was a great way to help the new couple share the event with their loved ones.

Photos by Kelly Waite from Kelly Waite Photography

Let’s Talk About Your Event Experience Needs.

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When The World’s Ready To Meet

We’re Ready

The meeting and events industry is facing an unprecedented situation. Despite the current environment, our industry shows resilience. We align our purpose to show that we are stronger together.

PSAV and our family of companies, along with MMBEICMPI, and PCMA have launched an advocacy campaign for our industry.

Help spread the word with #MeetingsWork on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Because when the world’s ready to meet, we’re ready to create impactful experiences with you.

To read more about the full, global impact meetings and events have on the economy, click here to access the Events Industry Council Research Study.

Proudly Supported by our Family of Companies:



We’re Ready to Create Connections

Even with the convenience of virtual substitutes, in-person events are still the preferred way to meet for an optimal, engaging experience. They deliver top line growth, bottom line results and, most of all, human connections. We learn, change and innovate when we are together — and that value is something that cannot be replicated.



We’re Ready to Ignite The Economy

Meetings and events are a global economic powerhouse. In a study commissioned by the Events Industry Council, findings showed that the business events sector directly generated more output than many large global sectors – including consumer electronics and computers and office equipment.

As the world prepares to return to business as usual, our industry prepares to restore its place as a critical business driver to a healthy and thriving global economy.



We’re Ready to Get Communities Back to Work 

Day after day, it’s the people that keep meetings and events running. The people that make up our cities, our communities and our neighborhoods. 

From direct impact employees such as banquet, staging, and other hotel and venue staff to the behind-the-scenes team members like accounting, food supply, and technology support, meetings and events are responsible for supporting more than 26 million jobs. 



We’re Ready to Drive Business Recovery 

Our industry is at the helm of driving business around the world. From local mom-and-pop shops to global economic staples, we work with businesses of all sizes to successfully execute events and advance booming economies. 



We’re Ready To Start Working

Meetings and events put people to work. The income earned for these hardworking individuals allows them to provide for their families, send kids to college and save for retirement. 

When events happen, everybody goes back to work — putting money back into our economy.