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With imagination and skill, the latest technology, and a passion for excellence, our experts help deliver unforgettable experiences every day, anywhere your events take you. Nobody sees solutions like we do. 

With our global and local network of industry trailblazers on your side, you have the expertise of a partner that understands local nuances with the vast resources of a global leader to deliver the same level of service excellence, time after time. 

For decades, Encore has been illuminating a brighter future by connecting and inspiring people to create experiences that have a positive impact on the world. As an event technology and production company, we are driven by a deep passion to care for the environment, promote inclusivity and uphold strong ethical principles through our ESG strategy. We believe that events have the power to transform hearts and minds, and we are dedicated to inspiring unity and meaningful action toward a more just
and sustainable future. 

Elevate events into immersive experiences​

LED Walls

LED walls can breathe new life into your programming and transform any space with rich, beautiful content. Frame out entrances, span the stage at a large keynote, attract attendees to the exhibit floor or bring products to life at experiential events and brand activations. LED walls give you the power to reinforce your messaging with stunning, attention-grabbing visuals. Don’t have the team or tools to create content? Our graphic experts can develop any and all needed materials to bring your vision to life!

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Key Benefits:

          • Displays rich, vibrant content, no matter how bright or dim the background light is   
          • Perfect for high-traffic areas, immersive experiences, plenary sessions, exhibit booths and special events 
          • Scalable and adaptable for a variety of settings and event types  
      • Can appear as flat or curved walls — both convex and concave — depending on preference 
      • Space-saving, meaning more room for participants (LED walls don’t require much space for their processing equipment) 

Projection Mapping

Turn any surface into your canvas with projection mapping. This exciting projection technique uses specialized software and other technologies to cast captivating color and content across irregularly shaped “screens. Revamp your event space by covering whole buildings, interior spaces, objects, natural landscapes, ice rinks or other unique surfaces with captivating media. Being able to project onto any surface creates endless applications for this tool. Keep in mind that your projection is going to be most effective in a dark space. 

Key Benefits:

          • Unlimited options for projection mapping canvas — you’re only limited by your imagination 
          • Great for transforming the outside of a venue for an evening social event 
      • Can transport your audience to other worlds and emotional spaces with 3D-like moving content 
      • Adaptable and scalable solution to customize any space 
      • Visual content may be static or dynamic 

Backdrop Pro

Interested in creating a memorable experience for your participants without breaking the bank? Backdrop Pro is a perfect way to create inviting and engaging event spaces on a budget. ​​This sleek and scalable scenic solution looks like a professionally designed stage set and with quicker set up than traditional options. Have numerous sessions to schedule or find yourself across multiple meeting sites? We can duplicate your stage configuration wherever it’s needed. If you want to deliver an enchanting environment but want something more cost-effective than a custom hard set, an alternate to typical drape or are just looking for a solution that’s less time-consuming to install, Backdrop Pro is an ideal alternative. ​​ 

back drop pro

Key Benefits:

          • Completely customizable — enjoy the flexibility to set up multiple shapes and configurations   
          • Serves as a blank canvas for lighting, projections or printed graphics 
          • Scalable​ solution that can enhance both small and large meeting spaces 
      • Its modular design works in multiple event environments to create brand and design consistency 
      • Ups the ‘green factor’ of your event design. The modular set was designed for multiple uses, unlike traditional scenic, which is discarded after one event 

From concept to creation with event rendering

Explore every detail of your event design, from towering structures to meticulously designed stair steps, all before the stage is set or a single light is lit, with 3D rendering. This solution enables you to view and interact with your virtually designed environment in an accurately scaled diagram, empowering more intentional and dynamic planning. Whether you want to upgrade your space for seating, staging, projection, décor or other elements, our 3D rendering solution can help you turn your desired outcomes into captivating realities for unforgettable events.  

Key Benefits:

          • Virtually view event solutions in your space to confirm the setup fulfills your vision or determine which adjustments you’d prefer  
          • Minimize any back and forth in the planning process, saving valuable time and energy 
          • Reduce stress and minimize risk by visualizing the event prior to your audience’s arrival 
      • Easily share an accurately scaled room layout and its event solutions with other stakeholders 
      • Precisely pinpoint where in your event environment you’d like to add scenic, room for seating, displays and more for streamlined support 

Optimize your Small Meeting with the Engage Meeting Package

The Engage Meeting Package (EMP) provides an innovative way to make small meetings unforgettable. In a post-pandemic landscape where attendees have higher expectations for in-person experiences, traditional “rinse-and-repeat” small meetings often fall flat. That’s where the EMP steps in, offering streamlined solutions to elevate every aspect of the experience, from visual brand reinforcement to improved space for networking. With the technology and equipment in this package, we can help you deliver a high-production look that optimizes your space, boost opportunities for interactivity with quality audio solutions, and help leave a lasting impression with customized screen skirts for more effective programming. 

hyatt presentations

Learn more ways to deliver a big impact with your next small meeting with our FREE guide. 

Boost engagement and foster inclusivity

Our research shows that nearly half of event professionals want to improve attendee engagement at their upcoming events. While this may seem like a daunting task, Chime Live ℠ can serve as a key tool to help boost audience participation.  

Attendees can interact with your content while it’s being delivered, directly from their own Encore-provided iPad. Whether via chat, virtual break-out rooms, gamification elements or connecting via social feeds, the platform’s experience opens up new opportunities for presenters and attendees alike to engage on a more intimate level than in the past. Chime Live is also unique in the way that it supports choreographed event design, allowing you to focus attendees on what they need to see or do in the platform. Push slides and pop-up interactive polls, Q&A and more — right on cue.  

Key Benefits:

          • Manages complex event schedules 
          • Enhances the attendee’s learner journey by showcasing speakers, assigning pre-conference work and sharing educational resources, such as pre- or post-event knowledge checks 
          • Promotes a more inclusive event experience thanks to its interactive features for guests who may otherwise be left behind due to visual, auditory, cognitive and physical difficulties 
          • Fulfills international WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards 
      • Sustainably provides valuable content before, during and after events 
      • Its interactive features include: 
            • Pre-event and onsite access
            • Detailed digital agendas & maps
            • Live Q&As/Upvoter
            • Real-time broadcasts that enable attendees or presenters to join remotely
            • Live analytics to view engagement levels, capture questions asked and more!

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