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Platform and Production for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Chime Live

is an event platform unlike any other.  

With thoughtful features and services for attendees, presenters, and sponsors, Chime Live brings everyone together in an impactful way.  

With our extensive virtual and venue experience, Encore makes it easy to plan your custom event. 

Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re unsure of where to begin, Encore will guide you through every step in the planning process.  

With different blends of creative, production, and technology services, Chime Live supports all virtual and hybrid events. 

What Else Can You Do With Chime Live?


    • Allow your registrants to login (through a secure URL) up to two weeks ahead of time 
    • Assign pre-conference work, share trade show maps and educational resources, or include early VIP access to networking tools and other features  
    • Hosting a charity or social event? Allow everyone early access to the guest book, images, videos, or donor platforms 



    • Enable tools for chat and networking.    
    • Personalize attendee conference agendas or breakout sessions.   
    • Let participants shape the conversation with interactive Polls, Word Clouds and Heatmaps.  
    • Give an opportunity to Ask Questions and allow the audience to Upvote their favorite ones.  
    • Help your attendees fight screen fatigue by converting a long program into an episodic series. Then, make it available on-demand at a later date. 

We’ll help you consider all the ways you can use our platform to transform your event into a total experience. 


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