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Break the ice, take the room’s pulse, gather feedback and check learning with one simple-to-use and budget-friendly solution: Polling+! Its powerful technology and dynamic features make it an incredible tool for boosting audience engagement, whether your event is in-person, hybrid or virtual.

Connect participants with your programming through live polls, quizzes, surveys and/or Q&A pushed directly to their own smart devices. Post-event, its benefits continue. Check valuable audience insights via the Polling+ analytics dashboard to access key metrics that can help you demonstrate your event’s ROI and even develop more targeted content in the future.

A final plus? Your local Encore team can deliver their dedicated support every step of the way, from the planning stages to post-event, to ensure your Polling+ solution fulfills your unique needs.

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Foster an inclusive event experience

By providing engagement opportunities directly at guests’ fingertips with Polling+, you can also foster a greater sense of inclusivity at your event.

Rather than attendees needing to announce a question or insight to an entire room, which can be intimidating and restrictive for shy, neurodivergent, hard-of-hearing and second language-speaking guests, Polling+ provides a smart, all-embracing solution that promotes interactivity across the board.

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Fostering an inclusive environment

Enhanced Engagement Opportunities

      • Live Polls (Multiple Choice, Ranking, Rating, Word Cloud) 
      • Live Q&A (Upvote, Downvote, Reply, Anonymous Options) 
      • Live Quizzes 
      • Live Surveys 
      • Presentation & Video Conferencing Integration 
      • Open or Secure Events with Privacy Options 

Easy to Manage

      • Local Encore Support 
      • In-Person, Hybrid or Remote 
      • QR Code, URL or Event Code Login 
      • Analytics Dashboard 
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Find out how Polling+ can be incorporated at your next event

To contact a specific venue, please click the Global Locator at the top of the page. This will allow you to get in touch with Venue Team to assist with your event experience needs. For general event inquiries, please continue to complete the form below: