A Bit of Clarity in an Uncertain Time

Over the last few years, our production team has had the pleasure of working with our partners to listen to their needs and priorities and develop ways that we could make their lives easier. This collaboration cultivated a simple production process, leveraging our knowledge of their events to focus on ease of engagement. The outcome? More consistent results and event experiences across our network.

In recent months, the whole world has been turned upside down in an unprecedented way, and our events industry in particular is experiencing unprecedented disruption. Our meeting planner community has been forced into new realms out of their comfort zone with requirements to explore many different event solutions – producing hybrid, virtual, smaller live meetings – under a cloud of uncertainty with variables they have never experienced. Cancellations, postponement, rebooking, venue changes, uncertain registration numbers, etc. have all been unchartered challenges.

The main questions we are seeing on the production side revolve around converting live agendas to virtual, and how to vet these options with limited staff. With this in mind, we’ve doubled down on the ease of engagement factor so customers can tap into an integrated solution which can support any iteration of a live, blended or virtual event experience. Our current production group has drawn on their corporate event, theater, touring and broadcast experience to morph into a versatile team that can pivot with your needs and consult to create a variety of solutions.

We can provide one point of contact that understands your preferences, processes, documentation, communication style and do’s and don’ts. One core team to engage the key internal resources that deliver everything from show management to media to creative design all the way through your venue order.

The idea that we’ve kept central is that no matter what it becomes, it’s still an event that requires a great production team. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but ultimately all event concepts have more similarities than differences:

  • The Pre-Production process tracks toward similar milestones
  • Solid documentation and attention to detail required
  • Your presenters need to feel comfortable and confident to deliver their best message
  • The technical solution has to work
  • Media and content need to enhance the experience
  • Your message must be heard
  • The brand must shine
  • Analytics and ROI are critical
  • You must keep the audience engaged

The difference is a matter of how the content is delivered – not why you need to deliver it. It may very well be via a new medium that the audience isn’t unaccustomed to. Our group can assess pros and cons of each method and help deliver the best solution to reach your specific audience. We are structured so the customer has continuity of their core production team regardless of what the final solution may be in a month or year(s) down the road.

We’re in this battle together. The team is eager to help you navigate through this new normal in the event world, however the solutions may evolve. I hope we can be a resource to provide some clarity and help lead you through the fog.

Be safe. Be well.

Rob Stout
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