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Nicole and team were unexpectedly given four hours to transform a hotel suite into an event hosted annually for women in leadership and VIP customers. Just 45 minutes before guests arrived, they learned an unexpected, framed sign for a major sponsor was too large to move up to the room. But that’s okay. This is what Encore’s people do every day.

Nicole Russell

General Manager
The Challenge

Encore in Sydney, Australia, never hesitates, even when there is a change in plan to the original timeline. This is exactly what happened when an unexpected late checkout left only four hours to set up an annual VIP event for key customers. Plus, an unexpected oversized framed branding sign for a major sponsor didn’t fit in the elevator or stairwell, and it couldn’t be disassembled. Just 45 minutes from doors opening and with two merchandise lines on display, it would have been an incredible missed opportunity to not set the stage.

The Solution

Noticing the sponsor was in a frenzy making calls for an alternative branding solution, Nicole thought fast on her feet with an idea. She engaged her production team to provide the perfect solution. The Encore team obtained sponsor approval and raced into action to deliver a monitor and supporting gear to the suite. The Coach® Australia logo was provided electronically and placed above the purse line display for all to see with 10 minutes to spare. Collaboration, on-site solutions and creative problem solving helped the team overcome unexpected obstacles.

The Result

With years of experience guiding the collaboration, Nicole led her team to seize the opportunity of turning the hotel suite into a special event for all participating. The client was thrilled to have such a successful event, and the sponsor was relieved to have their last-minute problem solved. The invitation-only luxe event was a brilliant success, and everyone got the VIP treatment.

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      • The pandemic forced the meeting and event industry to hit the pause button. In that pause, the industry was given the opportunity to rethink how things are conventionally done to see how we might improve. Why is that necessary? Let’s see where conventional thinking has gotten us: The average event participant contributes almost a quarter of a metric ton of CO2 emissions per day at a conference.
      • 70 percent of event speakers worldwide are men.
      • 58 percent of managers say they must reinvent their organization to survive, yet 75 percent of transformation efforts fail to deliver.
      • Attention spans — thanks to mobile devices — are only eight seconds long, yet conference programs are still filled with hour-long lectures.

Clearly, it’s time to break free of industry norms so we can overcome these challenges. How can meeting and event professionals find solutions to these challenges? Design thinking.

“Design thinking is one of the most powerful ways that event professionals can approach their events,” said Anthony Vade, Encore event experience strategy director. “It allows us to navigate the complexities that exist in our stakeholder relationships to find the most elegant solution to create the change that events need to create.”

 To generate awareness, conversations and potential solutions, Encore partnered with IMEX America to create an immersive BREAK FREE booth on the IMEX America show floor.

What we were trying to achieve

Goals for this journey of transformation were to:

      • Encourage the industry to challenge the status quo.
      • Show participants that they can break free from whatever is holding them back.
      • Spotlight the themes of connection, inspiration and collaboration.
      • Connect participants with the Encore team and get them talking about topics that impact organizations, local communities and the world.

Our approach

Encore utilized its strategy and creative process to map the attendee journey and design the experience. The starting point was IMEX’s stated goals for the event. The themes for Smart Monday’s education were ‘connection, community and belonging.’ And IMEX had strong sustainability initiatives, focusing on offsetting carbon emissions and diverting waste from landfills to create a ‘zero-waste’ event. From here, Encore initiated its design thinking process.
      • The Encore Strategy team used tools to unlock empathy and analyze stakeholder needs.
      • Once stakeholder needs were defined, the experience designed focused on how to fulfill them by making design choices that would elicit human emotion, drive interaction and spark meaningful conversation while delivering on IMEX partnership goals.
      • The Encore Creative team conceived, designed, wrote and produced the content, including a video in the second room, which was displayed on a 12-ft. high, 180-degree LED screen.
      • The Encore Sales Engineering and Application Development teams collaborated to customize its Chime Live Engagement Platform to create engagement opportunities and collect data for the Sales and Marketing teams. The platform was used to drive engagement from poling attendees to create real-time word clouds to providing attendees the opportunity to visualize IR-generated content, Encore’s Chime Live platform was the experience platform glue. Click below to read the BREAK FREE Survey Results below.

To align with IMEX America’s zero-waste event initiative, the Encore team made conscious decisions to reduce waste within the booth space:

      • Using reusable printed items
      • Replacing traditionally printed items with projected or digital content
      • Using reusable pipe and drape rather than carpet or built walls
      • Using water bubblers instead of water bottles
      • Refraining from giving away SWAG items
      • Serving bar drinks from recycled and alternative materials


“The experience for me was really about a conversation and how we break free from the surface-level conversations and get a lot deeper,” said Ashley Lawson, vice president of business partnerships, Achieve Incentives & Meetings. “We have the power to make changes and going through this experience, this exhibit, we can break through the surface-level conversations of sustainability, DE&I, and get a heck of a lot deeper to talk about the actions that we can take to actually make change.”

Industry influencer Julius Solaris shared in his social recap of BREAK FREE at IMEX America: “Go big or go home. Without a shadow of a doubt, the exhibit game’s absolute winner was Encore with its BREAK FREE activation. A monumental experiential journey. It could have been less brainy at times with the six QR codes to scan, but it doesn’t matter. Showing up with this level of bravery matters. I see you there thinking: ‘But they must have spent millions!’ Some booths may have spent even more than them but aligning the presence with the message is everything.”

Other results:

      • More than 900 people experienced the Break Free activation at IMEX America.
      • Nine media outlets, including MPI, Skift, Smart Meetings and Meetings Today, provided media coverage of the booth during IMEX America.
      • Encore reached all eight of its top-tier trade targets, including all major industry media, which will provide coverage on Encore and its innovative end-to-end event solutions through Q1 2023.
      • To deepen the connection between the BREAK FREE experience and industry customers, Encore is releasing a Break Free from Conventional Thinking guidebook with chapters being released in November and December 2022.
      • Encore successfully delivered the message to venue partners and meeting and event participants that it is an important industry partner that can provide end-to-end solutions, deliver transformative experiences and help industry professionals manage rising costs with its innovative solutions.

Encore’s Break Free ’22 Video Highlights:

Continuing the conversation

Encore does more than start conversations. It also cares about walking the talk. One example is around sustainability and how Encore is deepening its commitment beyond offering sustainable options for event technology.

Company-wide, Encore is finalizing our 2021 Global GHG emission footprint so it has a baseline to put goals around, including ones that involve our in-property inventory and operations. Looking ahead to 2023, Encore will put its first electric vehicle (EV) trucks on our fleet and install a solar farm at our largest U.S. facility in Washington, D.C. to offset power consumption for that location and return excess energy to the grid.

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Meetings and Conferences 

Global Summit 


Europe’s largest digital experience conference, the Adobe Summit EMEA, returned to ExCeL London in May 2019Once again, Encore was chosen by agency Taylor Bennett Partners to deliver the two-day event’s full technical production. 

Focused on creating innovative customer experiences, over 6,000 attendees from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa gathered to hear the latest updates from Adobe Experience Cloud and its partners. Led by our Group Creative Director, we were tasked with bringing Taylor Bennett’s incredible vision to life by delivering the technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out sessions, and the hotly-anticipated Summit Celebration. 

Featuring a spectacular light installation and an interactive projectionmapped chillout area, the Adobe Summit once again knocked it out of the park when it comes to delivering extraordinary experiences. 

Line of business:Tech Giant              We Delivered: Full Production Services 



The Jellyfish 

It wouldn’t be the Adobe Summit if there wasn’t a wildly creative centerpiece drawing attendees into the exhibition space, and this year was no different.  

Measuring 5,00sq ft and floating gracefully above the Adobe informational booth, the beautiful light installation known affectionately as the Jellyfish, dazzled attendees, and created an interactive experience. Dreamt up by Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners, Encore collaborated with experiential design studio Cinimod and laser specialist ER Productions to transform the vision into reality. 

Four circle truss structures fitted with beam fixtures and DMX-controlled fans allowed the illuminated material to billow through the air. Attendees were able to change the installation’s color by passing their hands through a cage of 24 laser beams situated in the center of the Adobe booth. 

As though one interactive experience wasn’t enough, guests were able to take some time out in the projectionmapped lounge space. Inspired by the Adobe Experience Cloud, the area featured a series of deconstructed blocks that came together from a specific focal point to create the Adobe logo. Guests could alter the color and movement of the logo content in real-time using a handheld replica of the Adobe ‘A’ fitted with an accelerometer. 


Setting the Stage for Adobe Insights 

This year’s Keynote theatre played host to some famous faces, including international human rights attorney Amal Clooney, actor Eddie Redmayne, and comedian Jack Whitehall. 

World-leading brands such as Unilever, BT, and illycaffè shared their creative insights on stage. To illuminate the space and showcase the Adobe Summit content, we used projectors and ROE LED panels supplied by 80-Sixto deliver a jaw-dropping expanse of 24 million pixels. 

Lighting in the Keynote theater created a stunning design to complement the on-screen content while delivering dramatic walk-on stings and ensuring the speakers remained beautifully lit throughout.  

With the Summit located at the opposite end of ExCel this year, we had some structural challenges to overcome. The challenge required us to maintain the same sound coverage and sonic quality of previous years while working with greatly reduced ceiling height and tricky sightlines to the mammoth screen. 


A Global Celebration 

This year’s Summit Celebration featured a global celebration of delicacies from around the world. Guests partied their way through Japan, India, Switzerland, America, France, and the UK, sampling food from each country along the way. With Taylor Bennett Partners vision, we worked with creative event specialist Bimblabee Productions to ensure Adobe’s globetrotting guests were in for a treat. 

Other popular features included a projectionmapped replica of No.10 Downing Street, which allowed guests to catch a peek of Theresa May’s legendary dance moves through the window. Meanwhile, a 29 ½ foot high version of the Golden Gate Bridge created the perfect platform to survey the spectacular surroundings. 

If that wasn’t enough, revelers danced the night away to pop sensation Jess Glynne, DJ Benny Blanco, and Adobe Summit regulars The Earth Lights. Thousands of white balloons hung overhead forming clouds that framed the stage. In contrast, vintage hot air balloons and propeller planes hung from the ceiling and appeared to be suspended in mid-air between the clouds, completing the overhead feature. 

To create the perfect stage background to display rich video content and allow beams to pass through, our team installed 181 panels of LEDStriking lighting design and an impressive rig enhanced the party atmosphere. 


Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners, said: 

 “The Adobe Summit is where experience makers are born, so the pressure is always on to find new ways to immerse and amaze delegates. By getting technical experts on board, we’re able to utilize the latest technology to create engaging brand experiences that forge everlasting memories. We have a fantastic relationship with the team, and no matter how crazy the idea, I always know that they’ll rise to the challenge and find a technical solution that will turn my vision into reality.” 

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Special Event

Gala and Dinner


For the 13th year running, we supported BBC Studios Showcase 2019, the world’s largest international television market hosted by a single distributor. The event brought together producers, talent, BBC executives and Britain’s most successful creatives.

Previously known as BBC Worldwide Showcase, the 2019 event marked a new chapter for Showcase, the first year under the Studios banner. A celebration of British creativity, the exclusive events previewed some of the BBC’s exciting new programs, including Top Gear, The Planets, and One Planet: Seven Worlds. Led by the BBC Studios team, our Group Creative Director Peter Harding helped produce and deliver a spectacular production design for the two awe-inspiring evenings.

Line of business: Television

We Delivered: Technical Execution


Showcase Gala Dinner

Putting premium British content right at the center of the global stage, night one saw the M&S Bank Arena transformed into a glamourous gala dinner. With top BBC talent, including Brian Cox and Sir David Attenborough taking to the stage, our team delivered an impressive set.

Ensuring the beautiful BBC content was showcased in all its glory, the team surrounded the dining space with 12 large LED screens, and  A striking LED strip chandelier,  to form the perfect dramatic centerpiece. 

To round off an evening of exceptional entertainment, guests partied the night away in a secret space revealed after dinner. Our team  created the perfect party atmosphere while our GLUX LED panels created a vibrant stage background. 

One Planet: Seven Worlds

Night Two brought to life the BBC’s latest natural history offering, One Planet: Seven Worlds, with guests treated to a VIP dining experience. With just twelve hours to transform the arena, the team utilized the LED from the previous night to create seven 6-meter-high portrait screens hung in the center of the dining space.

Flown using Kinesys, the panels moved independently, rising to reveal an in-the-round stage that played host to legendary composer Hans Zimmer. If that wasn’t enough, guests caught an exclusive first look at the new natural history programs, accompanied by a rousing performance from a live orchestra.


BBC Client Testimonial

Sally Brookes, Head of Global Events at BBC Studios, said,

“We love working with the [team] to create such memorable evenings to celebrate the very best of our content. It is, without a doubt, their personal energy and passion, which always means so much to us. This is what really helps us win through when the timelines are against us, not mentioning, of course, their careful attention to detail and the absolute brilliant creative flair to bring all things technical together.”


Each Event Is An Original

Each of your events is unique, so we customize each one to meet your objectives.

“We love working with the [team] to create such memorable evenings to celebrate the very best of our content. It is, without a doubt, their personal energy and passion, which always means so much to us. This is what really helps us win through when the timelines are against us, not mentioning, of course, their careful attention to detail and the absolute brilliant creative flair to bring all things technical together.”

Sally Brookes
Head of Global Events at BBC Studios

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Special Event

Gala Dinner for Luxury Brand 


DIOR held its annual kickoff event at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. The three-day event included full production services for breakout sessions, a gala dinner and fashion show with the theme, “Joyful Glam”. 


Line of business: Luxury Lifestyle Brand       We Delivered: Full Production Services for 3 Events 


For the second year in a row, we helped DIOR Germany hold its annual kick-off meeting at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. The spa area was transformed into a branded event pavilion with catwalk staged directly above the pool, branded areas for fragrance and beauty lines, as well as elegant dinner seating. Other services included breakout rooms for training sessions, special event lighting, and creative branding to tie all event areas together in a beautiful way. 


Catharina ChristeMarketing Director, LVHM Parfums & Kosmetik Deutschland GmbH:  

We want to create moments that money can’t buy, because that’s what such an event is all about. [Your team’s] creativity and passion made our event a great successIt is truly unique that the ideas were implemented even better than we had imagined during the conception phase. We are already looking forward to the next joint events. 

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