When Encore was approached to facilitate the Pope’s apology to indigenous communities across Canada in an effort to start the reconciliation process, time was of the essence. 

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Office of the Papal Visit (OPV) asked our experts to design, produce and execute five events within three days for up to 200,000 attendees. The gatherings would mark a hugely historic moment for many and needed to be handled with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity.

With just 30 days to develop the event strategy and design, and then build and manage all production and event technology components, the Encore team got to work.


  • Temporary power and site infrastructure for 5 physical event locations (4 locations in Alberta and 1 location in Iqaluit)

  • Infrastructure work to accommodate the expected crowds at three of the five locations

  • Full turn-key production leadership, including producers and stage managers

  • Audio, video and lighting technology solutions

  • Custom scenic designs and stage builds

  • Audio, video and lighting services

  • 270+ Encore team members satisfying the needs of different clients and stakeholders, from the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops to local tribal leaders


Decades of experience producing world-class events and a global team well-versed in developing and executing end-to-end event solutions helped Encore to deliver on the monumental requests.

“It was very clear to us that what Encore brought to the table was not just technical support or equipment, but we wanted to work with a company that really understood the complexity of something like this, and I’m working with people [at Encore] that is exactly what they do.”  - The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, office of the Papal Visit (OPV)

- The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Office of the Papal Visit (OPV) 

Event Video

Event Images


Phillips 66 was looking for a partner for their Marketing Conference that could elevate their general session production, expo floor, and gala event. They wanted an event partner that could match their level of progress and innovation. The event needed to educate, celebrate, and engage their customers in a way that felt fully immersive and true to their brand.


Leading with strategy, Encore and Hargrove worked together to create a total end-to-end solution for the Power Ahead conference. The creative, design, production, expo, and gala all tied together to create an innovative, transformative experience with comprehensive Phillips 66 branding.

The expo floor had a modern look with hard wall structures fabricated by Hargrove that were branded for each exhibitor. The floor plan layout was based on the Power Ahead arrow design that allowed for the C-Store of the Future and Power Theater to be central focal points.

The thematic design was inspired by the colors of each of the Phillips 66 brands. A custom-built stage, decorative elements, signage, lighting, and graphics were all used to create a comprehensive look through the entire event space. All elements tied together to create a fully immersive and engaging event experience


The Phillips 66, Encore, and Hargrove teams developed a strong partnership that led to an incredible event for over 1,200 customers. Education and hands-on learning were the focus of the daytime schedule, and the evenings were dedicated to celebrating and honoring their customers’ hard work. Highlights included a engaging learning sessions, inspiring keynotes, and energizing celebrations and entertainment.

Phillips 66 team members and attendees raved about how “this was the most amazing show we’ve ever seen!”

Hint: It depends on how much time you have to plan.

You may not have the luxury of a generous planning window to put together your next hybrid event, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options to bring people together in exciting new ways. In fact, a wealth of high-quality platform solutions exist to help you expand your in-person event reach, connect with new audiences, encourage remote/in-person participant collaboration and engagement. One of the best ways to determine which event platform and how much support you need is to start with how much time you have to plan.

Too pressed for time to shop for an event platform? Encore provides a curated selection of best-in-class solutions, which we’ve highlighted below. (And if you’ve already selected a platform, the Encore team can provide production and/or creative support.)

Here’s our short list of platform solutions for hybrid meetings and events, based on your event lead time. Read on to learn about the boundless possibilities these platform technologies offer.

If you only have 1-2 weeks to plan

Zoom video conferencing is best for small, casual meetings. It’s also often used to stream content, like webinars and concurrent sessions, that is embedded in more dynamic viewing platforms.

This is the go-to hybrid event platform for several good reasons. But even with the slimmest of planning windows, you’ll have a better-quality event if you don’t try to run it off your company’s Zoom license.

What you may not realize is that Zoom comes in three flavors:

  1. Basic (free) accounts which are bound by a 40-minute time limit and a restricted set of features
  2. Professional accounts, which companies or individuals purchase to extend meeting times and gain access to more robust features, like webinar registration
  3. Enterprise accounts, which are only available to companies like Encore

What’s the difference between using your company’s professional Zoom license and using an enterprise Zoom account provided by Encore?

      • Multiple licenses are at your disposal, which helps you create educational “tracks” or concurrent streams for your event
      • Content can be recorded to the cloud rather than desktop-only
      • You don’t have to purchase a new license if your event grows; enterprise licenses can scale to handle groups of 500 or 5,000

Plus, if you go with a full-service event technology provider, like Encore, your event will be supported in real time by a human staff who can troubleshoot and produce a seamless event for you. Another benefit of partnering with Encore is that our team stays on top of the newest third-party Zoom integrations, which means we can point out solutions that you can add to Zoom to increase functionality and enhance participant engagement. To make planning easier, Encore has created a new solution for Hybrid Small Meetings that’s ideal with Zoom and essential technology ready to go — so you can just show us and let us worry about the set up.

If you have at least 3 weeks to plan

Looking for a self-service solution? The Cvent Attendee Hub is best for events that need a way for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees to network and set up 1:1 appointments with each other before they arrive on-site. It also works well for conferences that have multiple sessions and activities.

Cvent Attendee Hub allows you to quickly get your event up and running. Features include:

      • Integrated video equipment to create virtual events with live or pre-recorded content
      • Engagement features like live Q&A, chat, polling, and feedback surveys to keep sessions interactive
      • Meeting scheduling capabilities for groups or individuals so participants, exhibitors, and sponsors can connect and network
      • CEU tracking and certificate delivery for professional development education
      • Participant tracking to analyze attendee patterns of attendance and survey responses

If you’d rather have a fully-supported quick start event app, you might prefer using Chime Go. Chime Go is a paired down mobile-friendly solution that works well for conference organizers who want to give participants the ability to customize their event schedules. 

The Encore team can configure Chime Go in multiple ways to support in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings. Chime Go features a mobile-based agenda and in-room engagement tools, as well as a microsite that can be built around your streaming conference content or hybrid meeting. Benefits include:

      • A quick start, branded conference site accessible via mobile or other devices to elevate the attendee experience , with self-registration, agenda, map pdfs, ability for participants to ask questions (customer moderated), upvote other’s questions, and take notes that they can send to themselves. Add-on options include sponsor banners and fundraising links
      • A hybrid-ready microsite with all of the above, plus the option to include streaming windows for participants to watch live broadcast or on-demand content. Other options include chat and sentiment stream, closed captioning, Zoom meeting integration , and more

If you have at least 4 weeks to plan

Interested in blending the in-person experience with the digital one? Consider creating a choreographed hybrid experience with Chime Live, a powerful digital storytelling platform. Chime Live works well for high-profile events where you want attendees to feel special. It also is a good fit for events that prioritize two-way conversations between the presenters and the audience, as it provides robust collaboration and engagement tools.

      • Pre-event, Chime Live provides a branded registration platform, sponsor areas, social media sharing, and pertinent event information.
      • During the event, participants interact with Chime Live via mobile app to view, vote on, submit questions, and interact with conference content.
      • Post-event, Chime Live shares insights on participant interactions, submitted questions, and other data

If you have at least 6 weeks to plan

Looking to maximize engagement and impress your audience? Chime Live is ideal if you have at least a six-week planning window. These Chime Live engagement add-ons enhance the in-person and remote elements of events by providing a deeper way for presenters to connect with the audience, and for event participants to customize their event experience. You’ll receive all the bells and whistles mentioned above, plus:

      • Choreographed event design to focus attendees on what they need to see or do in the platform by pushing slides and pop-up interactive polls, Q&A, and more, in real time
      • Customized user interfaces for in-person and remote experiences
      • Personalized journeys featuring segmented or integrated experiences and customized agendas to support your organization and participants’ objectives

Another option is the Cvent Attendee Hub platform, which you can transform into a full-service solution by engaging the Encore team to help . The Encore team can support you during the design, set-up, and production phase. It’s a great choice for larger events, especially if you want to maximize engagement and let professionals manage the technology for you. In addition to the bells and whistles with the self-service option, the full-service version offers:

      • Worry-free tech set-up, streaming and production support, provided by the Encore team
      • Integrated Cvent registration
      • On-demand viewing functionality
      • Gamification
      • Customized attendee hub configured to suit your needs

If you have more than 8 weeks to plan

Consider leveraging all the above-mentioned perks of the Chime Live platform and elevating the experience for your remote attendees by adding a virtual lobby that allows them to “physically” interact with each other and content at the event through avatars. This functionality works well with global expositions, conferences and trade shows that need to provide an interactive online environment that is as compelling for its remote participants as for its in-person ones.

Create an immersive 2-D or 3-D virtual environment that recreates elements familiar to in-person conferences, such as lobbies, theaters, virtual trade show booths and networking lounges with Notified from Intrado. This platform accommodates large events and exhibitions and is a fantastic choice for events attracting a large number of remote attendees. Benefits of the platform include:

      • Broadcast studio-quality streaming
      • AI-driven matchmaking software and video chat options
      • Sponsorship packages
      • Custom-branded areas
      • Full-service creative, production and design assistance from the Encore team

If you have more than 12 weeks to plan

If Notified by Intrado is on your list, and you have a three-month window before the event, you can add an integrated registration option to the immersive elements mentioned above. These options work very well for virtual expos and conferences.

It’s no secret that conference content not only drives attendance, but it also generates on-site brand publicity through social media engagement and can generate significant post-event revenue. If you have a generous planning window of at least 12 weeks, you should consider hiring a content development team to design, source and produce different elements of your conference content. Encore offers Creative services that can:

      • Design presentation templates and create presentations
      • Transform your brand logo into an animated asset
      • Produce short and long-format video segments and interstitial video “stingers” to introduce speakers, promote sponsors and highlight event elements before, during and after the event
      • Create motion graphics and animations to spice up in-person and broadcast content
      • Coach speakers and ghost-write executive speeches
      • Capture images and video on-site

Encore can also provide on-site presentation management with Content1, a fully supported system for collecting and distributing presentation files to meeting spaces at events. Presenters can upload their presentations from their home or office pre-event, then check into our Speaker Ready Room on-site for final revisions, uploads, and review.

Presentations are automatically transferred to the meeting rooms and delivered from a single, customized computer, ensuring the final revision is presented without delays during the meeting.

Where do you fall on this spectrum? 

Has this guide helped you select a potential hybrid event platform? Or are you still wondering what the best options are for your event? Encore is happy to help. We offer free consultations. Even if you’ve selected an event platform, we can consult with you on how to elevate your event. Connect to an Encore team member here.

To help you remember the different platform solutions, we created this infographic you can download and keep with you.

Platform solutions by lead times

One of the easiest ways to select a hybrid event platform is by how much time you have to organize it. Here’s what we suggest. If you want help selecting a platform, or need assistance setting up and running one you’ve already selected, Encore can help, too. Get in touch for a free consultation.

A Signature Hybrid Event

Encore partnered with PCMA to produce Convening Leaders 22, a signature annual conference for association professionals who produce large-scale events. For PCMA’s in-person experience, the Encore Production team designed all the sets and spaces – from the mainstage and concurrent session rooms to the Promenade area, which served as a central gathering spot for networking, sales conversations, education, and communal meals. They also constructed a broadcast studio PCMA could use to pre-record content and stream live interviews to the remote viewing audience. 

The Encore Creative team designed the presentation graphics, lower thirds, and branding for PCMA’s live and broadcast content. In addition to providing technical and production support for the in-room experience, the Encore Technology team filmed, mixed and broadcast content from the conference to PCMA’s streaming partner. Encore also brought in a couple of its specialty divisions – Hargrove from Encore and CSI – to augment different elements of the 360-degree experience they created. 


PCMA likes to raise the bar on what they present every year. After all, producing events for event professionals isn’t easy. Adding to the complexity is the fact this is the first year Encore partnered with PCMA to produce this event. And the timeline was condensed. Encore had four rather than eleven months to shake things up and do things differently. 

Other objectives: 

      • Create a feeling of intimacy and connection between the audience and the speakers/entertainers 
      • Facilitate authentic and profitable connections between sponsors and event participants 
      • Design an open-air space that could facilitate conversations as well as sponsor activations, meals and educational stages 


To bring the audience closer to the presenters and entertainers, Encore designed a central mainstage with a low runway that allowed the talent to “walk into” the audience. Encore also built a side stage for PCMA to utilize for entertainment and more traditional announcements. This side stage ended up providing a dynamic solution to a last-minute challenge. A week before load-in, the Wednesday keynote notified PCMA that they could not travel and could only present virtually. Not content with “zooming in” such an important person, Encore installed technology and lighting on the side stage that allowed the speaker to present as a hologram. And the stage’s position allowed the Encore team to “hide” the set up until the big reveal. 

Encore strategically designed its display technology to up the excitement factor as participants walked into the mainstage space by placing LED welcome columns in a triangular formation. This not only provided branding opportunities, but it also funneled traffic around central camera positions, creating a more appealing entranceway. Some of the unique audiovisual features included digital scenic elements constructed of curved LED lights, a mixture of traditional (16:9) and nontraditional aspect ratios (3:1), LED strip lights, and concert-quality audio. 

One of the biggest design challenges Encore faced was how to accommodate concurrent communal meals, sponsor activations and educational stages in the massive Promenade area. The primary issue would be noise that could negatively impact the quality of sponsor activations, casual networking opportunities and learner engagement. Encore solved this problem by providing headsets. These headsets allowed Encore to mic speakers but transmit the audio directly to wireless headsets. That eliminated any sound bleed over from the stages in the space. The headsets also filtered out ambient noise from hallway conversations. It was an elegant way to allow participants to decide if they wanted to network with others over a meal, interview potential vendors, catch up with friends, or attend an educational session – all within the same open-air space. 

Among the sponsor activations in the Promenade was an Encore booth. It was the first major opportunity for Encore to introduce event professionals to its new brand identity and expanded capabilities. The Encore Creative department designed the booth and collaborated with Hargrove to build and execute it. A dynamic exterior design lured participants inside, where they discovered interactive displays and a comfortable environment in which they could connect and refresh while learning about Encore’s end-to-end event solutions. 


PCMA Convening Leaders 22 attracted more than 2,500 event professionals from around the world. After witnessing the opening session with Paula Abdul, the silent stage set-up, the digital presentation graphics, and dynamic Encore activation, participants kept asking, “Did Encore really do all of that?”  

The partnership provided a fantastic opportunity for Encore and its Hargrove and CSI divisions to showcase the diversity of the creative, production, and technology services it offers to an audience that’s hard to surprise. A behind-the-scenes element powered by Encore backstage tours ensured PCMA Digital Event Strategists were able to augment their training with hands-on examples.

Overall, the experience deepened Encore and PCMA’s commitment to expand on the promise of partnership for future events. 

Encore PCMA ’22 Video Highlights:

Hybrid Event – Leadership Conference


Consulate Health Care needed to pivot their annual 3-day in-person Leadership Conference to a hybrid format. Using a Presentation Stage™, the leadership team set out to share their vision for emerging beyond the pandemic with a positive outlook. They were looking for a meeting solution that could: Host their awards ceremony bringing award winners onsite. Engage their team members located across the US to join and earn CEU’s. Integrate 3 – 5 sponsors into their event.

Line of Business: Senior Healthcare Services

We Delivered: Presentation Stage, Chime Live Platform, Live and Pre-recorded Presentations, Networking Session, Awards Presentations.


Develop and execute a virtual leadership conference that had all the elements of their traditional live event. Implement a hybrid event solution using the Chime Live event platform to connect and engage with teammates, sponsors and keynote speakers. Integrate their “Superhero” theme at the Presentation Stage™ and throughout Chime Live. Host 11 networking breakout sessions for team members, to engage with Executive leaders. Activate sponsors by having them virtually introduce the keynote speakers, display banner ads within the platform and enable team members to post their pictures with their sponsor swag in the interactive tab.


Successfully shared strategic objectives, recognized exceptional performance, connected, and inspired all participants. Almost doubled participants from 250 in-person in prior years to over 400 joining virtually. Consulate Healthcare will be hosting their July event at the Encore Presentation Stage in Orlando, FL.

What our clients have to say:

“I knew this was going to be good. But I didn't realize it was going to be this good!"

Chris Bryson
CEO, Consulate Health Care

Attendee Comments: “What an energizing first day”, “Leaving this conference… SPIRITED!”,  “Absolutely enjoying this presentation.”

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Hybrid Event

Custom Broadcast Studio at TIBCO headquarters, Presentation Stage, Virtual Event Design, Creative and Technical Execution


TIBCO’s first-ever, all-digital TIBCO NOW brought together 6,000 TIBCO leaders, customers and partners from over 99 countries to share exclusive insight and solutions around sustainable innovation.

Line of Business: Software

We Delivered: Custom Broadcast Studio at TIBCO headquarters, Presentation Stage, Virtual Event Design, Creative and Technical Execution



With a decade of production partnership in the books, TIBCO challenged our team to develop and deliver a dynamic and informative engagement that exceeded previous event experiences.

Traditionally an in-person event gone Hybrid to reach a broader audience, the focus was to step outside of the confines of a standard event space to create an experience like no other.


With the event goals in focus, we worked closely with our client to treat their global attendee roster to an orchestrated feast of the senses.

In partnership with local government officials and health + safety guidelines, we recommended a custom broadcast studio featuring a dynamic presentation stage design to showcase a mix of pre-recorded and live presentations.

Mix in a line-up of impactful speakers including World Cup Champion Megan Rapinoe, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, Activist Padma Lakshmi, engaging creative content and 120 breakout sessions all featuring an interactive agenda, chat, video playback, file download functionality and helpdesk support and you’ve got an experience that TIBCO NOW attendees won’t soon forget.

Gala Opening Celebration 

Thematic Content and Venue Capabilities 


The stars aligned for a gala grand opening celebration at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The VIP event introduced existing and prospective customers to the newly opened convention center.  

Encore’s Creative Content team was engaged to develop ideas and designs that would bring the CE Groups’ vision of “Fire, Wind, Ice, and Earth” to fruition.  


Line of business: Venue and CVB     We Delivered: Full Production Services 



 The event began with a red carpet arrival featuring fire dancers and LED and intelligent lighting to bathe the entrance in red and deep amber fire hues.  



Upon entering the main lobby of the center, the guests were introduced to the “Wind” portion of the journey. A violinist played as ribbon dancers performed on the stairway. Above Exhibit Hall 3, a 180’ x 15’ metal mesh screen is installed in front of a white wall. Internal LEDs normally light this mesh “chain mail” installation, but Encore projection-mapped onto it. Intelligent lighting provided color and patterns throughout the atrium walls, floor, and ceiling and provided special illumination for the performers.  



On cue, the audience was invited to the next leg of the journey, “Ice.” A “wagon wheel” truss structure flown in the center of the room created a focal point for the Ice experience. An Ice Flo set from the San Antonio Encore branch office was mapped with custom “Ice” themed video images, while another stack of projectors projected additional Icy vistas above the DJ stage on the entrance wall. 



 Guests continued to the next leg of their journey up to the third floor Stars at Night Ballroom. Earth Harp provided a special musical experience using a custom harp with strings that stretched 125’ out and over the audience.  


This event was a true collaboration and partnership between Encore, the San Antonio CVB, the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, CE Group, RK Group, and others.  

Guests were entertained at every turn with Encore’s Creative and Production teams incorporating focal points to enhance the structural and technological features within the newly renovated Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.  

Would You Like To Learn More? Contact us.

Meetings and Conferences

Event Strategy and Design, Creative Content, Staging, Scenic, Breakouts 


Out & Equal Workplace Advocates held a high-profile, celebrity-packed summit for more than 4,000 attendees. Their goal for the event was to elevate it into an experience that incorporated aspects of Philadelphia (the host city) – particularly the messages of love and inclusion, synonymous with their brand message. 

The three-day event included over 90 workshops, panels, roundtables, networking mixers, receptions, and plenaries. 


Line of business: Association     We Delivered: Full Production Services 


We won this bid, in part, due to having all the resource needs in one team – event strategy and design, thematic content, video production, show management, talent booking, full staging services, breakout sessions, as well as support for off-site events.  

Encore designed a custom stage and replica of the famous LOVE statue by Robert Indiana as an homage to the host cityOur creative content teams also created event branding, animations, videos, motion graphics, speaker bumpers, logos, backgrounds, as well as an onsite highlights video.  

Multiple functional and AV-supported areas were staged across the convention center. Our Production teams booked all entertainment and talent, and Digital Services handled video conferencing from two separate locations. They also developed an event mobile app and provided handheld devices for attendees. 


The Encore team handled every production aspect of the Out and Equal annual meeting. As a result, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates did not have to work with any other vendors during the planning and execution processes 

Out and Equals attendees shared that they felt connected with both the brand and host city during their conference experience. Because of this event’s success, the Encore team went on to handle the subsequent years conference as well. 

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Meetings & Conferences

Meeting, Video Conferencing, Live Stream 


Facebook wanted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in a big way. With 1400 attendees expected at their Global Sales and Marketing Meeting, Facebook asked us to transform the Marriott Marquis into an extension of their main campus – the ultimate Facebook experience.  

In addition to design strategy, Facebook sought to video conference and broadcast a live stream of the event in high definition. 


Line of business: Tech Giant           We Delivered: Full Production Services 


Facebook’s 2014 Global Sales & Marketing Meeting came with unprecedented and heightened expectations. The tech giant was celebrating its 10th anniversary and on track to close more than $200 billion by the end of 2014. 

Held at the Marriot Marquis San Francisco, approximately 1,400 people were slated to attend the April global meetingEncore’s task was to elevate the meeting from a conference into an unforgettable experience, spanning from the general session ballroom into the common areas. The objective was to give attendees the feeling that they were physically at the Facebook campus. 

Throughout the entire planning and production process, Encore used an agency approach for the customer. Our production and digital services teams developed impactful designs, content, and delivered custom solutions to emulate the Facebook campus. 


Multi-surface Projection Mapping 

One of the key features at the event was the 165-foot wide multi-panel stage set and its composite of materials to restage the Facebook campus inside the large ballroom. Scenic strategy included elements like the red steel girders which gave nod to the same architectural features found at their Menlo Park, CA office. The stage panels were projection-mapped to display interiors you’d find onsite and other notable details at Facebook’s offices. The panels also played host to other pieces of creative content which we changed at different times to complement presentations and speakers.  


Experiential Elements 

The Facebook campus boasts colorful, crafty, curated artwork. Our production services team was able to mimic this look with content creation, scenic and environmental design, and themed action stations throughout the ballroom foyer, including selfie stations, a giant doodle board, and butcher block tablecloths and crayons during meals. 


Appealing to multiple senses, we also booked a DJ for live walk-in entertainment. Our digital services team was able to video conference and live stream the event in high definition, bringing the event beyond the walls of the hotel. 


Facebook’s global Sales and Marketing teams appreciated the level of detail which emulated their main offices. They shared that it was an especially memorable experience for international attendeesboth onsite and those tuning in remotely.

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Meetings and Conferences 

Global Summit 


Europe’s largest digital experience conference, the Adobe Summit EMEA, returned to ExCeL London in May 2019Once again, Encore was chosen by agency Taylor Bennett Partners to deliver the two-day event’s full technical production. 

Focused on creating innovative customer experiences, over 6,000 attendees from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa gathered to hear the latest updates from Adobe Experience Cloud and its partners. Led by our Group Creative Director, we were tasked with bringing Taylor Bennett’s incredible vision to life by delivering the technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out sessions, and the hotly-anticipated Summit Celebration. 

Featuring a spectacular light installation and an interactive projectionmapped chillout area, the Adobe Summit once again knocked it out of the park when it comes to delivering extraordinary experiences. 

Line of business:Tech Giant              We Delivered: Full Production Services 



The Jellyfish 

It wouldn’t be the Adobe Summit if there wasn’t a wildly creative centerpiece drawing attendees into the exhibition space, and this year was no different.  

Measuring 5,00sq ft and floating gracefully above the Adobe informational booth, the beautiful light installation known affectionately as the Jellyfish, dazzled attendees, and created an interactive experience. Dreamt up by Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners, Encore collaborated with experiential design studio Cinimod and laser specialist ER Productions to transform the vision into reality. 

Four circle truss structures fitted with beam fixtures and DMX-controlled fans allowed the illuminated material to billow through the air. Attendees were able to change the installation’s color by passing their hands through a cage of 24 laser beams situated in the center of the Adobe booth. 

As though one interactive experience wasn’t enough, guests were able to take some time out in the projectionmapped lounge space. Inspired by the Adobe Experience Cloud, the area featured a series of deconstructed blocks that came together from a specific focal point to create the Adobe logo. Guests could alter the color and movement of the logo content in real-time using a handheld replica of the Adobe ‘A’ fitted with an accelerometer. 


Setting the Stage for Adobe Insights 

This year’s Keynote theatre played host to some famous faces, including international human rights attorney Amal Clooney, actor Eddie Redmayne, and comedian Jack Whitehall. 

World-leading brands such as Unilever, BT, and illycaffè shared their creative insights on stage. To illuminate the space and showcase the Adobe Summit content, we used projectors and ROE LED panels supplied by 80-Sixto deliver a jaw-dropping expanse of 24 million pixels. 

Lighting in the Keynote theater created a stunning design to complement the on-screen content while delivering dramatic walk-on stings and ensuring the speakers remained beautifully lit throughout.  

With the Summit located at the opposite end of ExCel this year, we had some structural challenges to overcome. The challenge required us to maintain the same sound coverage and sonic quality of previous years while working with greatly reduced ceiling height and tricky sightlines to the mammoth screen. 


A Global Celebration 

This year’s Summit Celebration featured a global celebration of delicacies from around the world. Guests partied their way through Japan, India, Switzerland, America, France, and the UK, sampling food from each country along the way. With Taylor Bennett Partners vision, we worked with creative event specialist Bimblabee Productions to ensure Adobe’s globetrotting guests were in for a treat. 

Other popular features included a projectionmapped replica of No.10 Downing Street, which allowed guests to catch a peek of Theresa May’s legendary dance moves through the window. Meanwhile, a 29 ½ foot high version of the Golden Gate Bridge created the perfect platform to survey the spectacular surroundings. 

If that wasn’t enough, revelers danced the night away to pop sensation Jess Glynne, DJ Benny Blanco, and Adobe Summit regulars The Earth Lights. Thousands of white balloons hung overhead forming clouds that framed the stage. In contrast, vintage hot air balloons and propeller planes hung from the ceiling and appeared to be suspended in mid-air between the clouds, completing the overhead feature. 

To create the perfect stage background to display rich video content and allow beams to pass through, our team installed 181 panels of LEDStriking lighting design and an impressive rig enhanced the party atmosphere. 


Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners, said: 

 “The Adobe Summit is where experience makers are born, so the pressure is always on to find new ways to immerse and amaze delegates. By getting technical experts on board, we’re able to utilize the latest technology to create engaging brand experiences that forge everlasting memories. We have a fantastic relationship with the team, and no matter how crazy the idea, I always know that they’ll rise to the challenge and find a technical solution that will turn my vision into reality.” 

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