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Jo Merriman

With 300 of a financial customer’s top investors flying in from all over the world for their Annual General Meeting in France, the stakes were high. The ask? With 14 fund meetings in two days, in
two different venues, provide a digital logistics solution for a five-star experience.  

With Jo and team on the job — Consider it done!

Jo Merriman

Director, Commercial & Operations
The Challenge

A finance organization was preparing for their Annual General Meeting (AGM), and the stakes were high. The customer needed to plan a seamless experience for 300 of their high-value investors, who were flying into Avignon, France, for the event from around the world. Yet with 14 fund meetings in just two days at two venues across the city — and different groups attending each — the customer needed a polished and simple-to-follow system to ensure the international attendees had a seamless experience. This included an easy way to receive any last-minute changes to the agenda, speakers and/or locations. Enter Jo and team, ready to deliver.

The Solution

To deliver a smooth event experience, Jo and team recommended that the customer create individualized itineraries for each participant, which would minimize the number of relocations between venues and accommodate for travel time. Under their technical guidance, the customer was able to equip participants with pre-event access to Chime Live℠. With this technology solution, each fund investor only needed to look at their phone to see where they needed to be and when. Any last-minute agenda changes were available immediately.

Key Solutions Used in This Story
Production Technology
Onsite Chime Live technical support Chime Live
The Result
Thanks to Jo’s creative problem-solving and digital solutions, the team navigated the customer’s multi-session and -venue logistics challenges, delivering a flawless event for their high-profile participants. With Chime Live, everyone made their meetings at the right venue and on time. The platform’s easy-to-use yet powerful tools equipped audiences with enhanced engagement opportunities during the meetings as well — a benefit the customer already regularly used Chime Live for. The technology also ensured the customer had valuable post-event analytics at their fingertips. Both the customer and participants were delighted with the experience.  

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