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Miguel Sanchez

With a customer’s most important dinner of the year coming up, they wanted to ensure the event would be memorable. Their vision? Elevate a traditional dining experience into a festive year-end celebration gala, integrating storytelling, gastronomic, visual and acoustic elements to wow their important guests 

Enter Miguel and team, ready to help deliver a multi-sensory experience set to impress.

Miguel Sanchez 

Project Manager
The Challenge

To execute the imaginative event vision, Miguel and team needed to integrate highly synchronized elements into the experience. The customer wanted the dinner to incorporate a storytelling aspect by enhancing each course’s country-specific theme with coordinating music and visuals. To create the desired ambiance, Miguel and team needed to illuminate 38 tables with simultaneous projections that evolved in sync with the specific cuisine being served, chefs travel stories being told and music played throughout the evening.

The Solution

To create an awe-inspiring food journey, Miguel and team installed a rigging truss to hang 38 precisely placed projectors, one over each table. They then cast 38 simultaneous vibrant visuals onto the dinner tables from a single audiovisual feed. Each table’s projection featured 10 very particularly placed focal points, highlighting each guest’s area at the table. The media was synchronized to match each course’s country-specific theme and story, evolving throughout the night to complete the enticing audiovisual production.  

The Result

Thanks to Miguel and team’s technical expertise, collaboration with all parties and innovative mindsets, the gala was a memorable celebration for all attendees. Due to the team’s collaboration and dedication to each detail, the more than 380 guests experienced a truly unique gourmet dinner adventure. The attendees left impressed by the year-end festivities, and the customer was equally pleased, delighted at how Encore had helped plan, synchronize and transform their critical event into a unique sensory experience. 

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