Shareholder's Annual Meeting

Rather than cancel their 2020 event, one of our corporate clients pivoted their Annual Shareholder Meeting into a virtual event. Meeting participants were pleased to still participate from the comfort and safety of their home offices with minimal front-line staff onsite to execute the event.


Host the 2020 Corporate Annual Meeting of Shareholders event virtually for the first time and focus on ways to replicate important experiences from the in-person event.


In collaboration with Bond Brand Loyalty, our team embraced the challenge to find forward-thinking solutions to support this important event. To do this, we began exploring a variety of scenarios to ensure flawless execution and produce an engaging — and safe — experience for attendees.


The client was thrilled that the FMAV and Bond Brand Loyalty teams were able to provide a seamless and secure experience for their attendees. Meeting participants and C-Suite executives could view and hear the meeting from the comfort and safety of their home offices. Our client was at ease knowing that FMAV ensured social distancing onsite with minimal front-line staff executing their event.


Each Event Is An Original

Each of your events is unique, so we customize each one to meet your objectives.

"The strong partnership between Bond Brand Loyalty, FMAV and our organization was critical to the successful execution of this virtual event. Even though the world around us was changing by the minute, it was reassuring to know I was working with some of the best in the industry — every obstacle was met with a solution. Thank you for your amazing partnership!"

Senior Manager
Corporate Events

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