Client: Consulate Health Care
Venue: Encore Presentation Stage, Orlando, FL,
Date: February 2021

Hybrid Event – Leadership Conference


Consulate Health Care needed to pivot their annual 3-day in-person Leadership Conference to a hybrid format. Using a Presentation Stage™, the leadership team set out to share their vision for emerging beyond the pandemic with a positive outlook. They were looking for a meeting solution that could: Host their awards ceremony bringing award winners onsite. Engage their team members located across the US to join and earn CEU’s. Integrate 3 – 5 sponsors into their event.

Line of Business: Senior Healthcare Services

We Delivered: Presentation Stage, Chime Live Platform, Live and Pre-recorded Presentations, Networking Session, Awards Presentations.


Develop and execute a virtual leadership conference that had all the elements of their traditional live event. Implement a hybrid event solution using the Chime Live event platform to connect and engage with teammates, sponsors and keynote speakers. Integrate their “Superhero” theme at the Presentation Stage™ and throughout Chime Live. Host 11 networking breakout sessions for team members, to engage with Executive leaders. Activate sponsors by having them virtually introduce the keynote speakers, display banner ads within the platform and enable team members to post their pictures with their sponsor swag in the interactive tab.


Successfully shared strategic objectives, recognized exceptional performance, connected, and inspired all participants. Almost doubled participants from 250 in-person in prior years to over 400 joining virtually. Consulate Healthcare will be hosting their July event at the Encore Presentation Stage in Orlando, FL.

What our clients have to say:

“I knew this was going to be good. But I didn't realize it was going to be this good!"

Chris Bryson
CEO, Consulate Health Care

Attendee Comments: “What an energizing first day”, “Leaving this conference… SPIRITED!”,  “Absolutely enjoying this presentation.”

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