Audio has a powerful ability to convey messages subtly and effectively. It can be used to deliver important content during presentations or emote and inspire event participants. From small sound systems and concert-quality speakers to wireless and handheld microphones, Encore invests in professional-quality audio from today’s top manufacturers that deliver effective sound coverage to best achieve the desired outcome and communicate your event’s message.

Explore some of our unique audio solutions:

Encore Music for Events

Create an atmosphere that sets the mood and enhances your event! Encore Music provides hit songs from today’s popular artists, already licensed and ready to play at your next meeting or event. Save yourself the headache of going to one of the big music licensing companies, paying their sliding-scale fees and spending hours curating playlists on your own. With Encore music, enjoy more than 300 curated and properly licensed playlists, featuring artists your participants know and love – and without risking financial penalties incurred by playing improperly licensed songs. Whether you want to pump up the energy in your general session or create a more relaxed vibe during a gala, Encore Music delivers the perfect tone-setting tracks.

Wireless Conference Mics

Empower meeting participants to connect and collaborate with a versatile solution. Our wireless conference mics use the latest innovations in wireless technology to deliver reliable performance in a range of environments. From a 25-person board meeting to a 125-person conference, the scalable, multi-role mic is ready for any scenario.

The wireless conference mic automatically detects and prevents interference to keep your meeting uninterrupted from distracting noise and signal dropouts. Featuring a fully automatic setup, the mic system can be deployed quickly on tabletops and podiums, so you can go “from cart to conference” in minutes. Activate the hands-free microphone to provide touchless convenience for free-flowing conversations or choose manual or remote control for formal meetings.

Headset Mics and Wired Tabletop Mics

Are you looking for a wireless microphone that can help keep the focus on the presenter – even in environments with extreme feedback or lots of distracting environmental sounds? Our headset mics provide the highest-quality voice pickup and are excellent at rejecting surrounding noise. This makes it an optimal fit for high-profile keynote addresses, exhibit environments, singing, spoken-word applications, and more!

A fraction of an ounce, the head-worn mic is the smallest, lightest and most comfortable mic of its kind. It prevents rubbing interference, doesn’t attach to clothing, and is almost invisible against any skin tone. The mic’s boom is bendable and virtually unbreakable, enabling it to easily support multiple wearers.

Wired tabletop microphones are another cost-effective option that can provide excellent audio for any event. Whether on a podium, head table or around a conference table, they will make sure your message is heard.

Lavalier Mics

Allow your presenters to inject personality into their programming through movement! Battery-powered wireless lavalier mics are a discreet hands-free solution for your next meeting or event.

Worn on the lapel of a shirt or jacket, the small mic enables a speaker to deliver their message without cord limitations. The sensitivity of this hands-free solution makes it successful in delivering a great sound quality – especially of voices.

CatchBox throwable microphone

Large sessions typically have a question/answer period at some point. For attendees, there can be some lag time waiting for a microphone to be passed around.

Catchbox’s soft-surround, turns it into a custom-branded, fun, throwable microphone. The tech is also very smart. It’s been engineered to automatically mute when it flies through the air. It’s been a part of the events industry for years and remains popular at meetings and conventions. It’s great for: encouraging discussion, eliminating lag time, and providing one more branding opportunity for your event.

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