No matter what size or type of meeting or event you desire, including where, Encore can help you create one that transforms your participants’ experience, behaviors and actions.

Let’s transform your event together

At Encore, we’ve been producing events for decades. We’ve mastered the end-to-end creative, production and technology expertise with ingenuity, helping you create events that keep your participants engaged and inspired. Whether it’s an in-venue meeting to outdoors event, we can create a memorable in-person to hybrid or virtual event anytime, anywhere.

What event type are you interested in?

Meetings & Conferences

Our experienced teams, locally and regionally, continually look for ways to transform your last meeting or conference, keeping everyone more engaged and inspired – all based on our latest industry research and insights.

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Conventions & Trade Shows

We work with show organizers, associations, corporate clients, exhibitors, and more, to transform conventions and trade shows of any size and type into memorable, high-traffic and lead-gen experiences.

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Staging Services

The stage is the focal point of your event. Our wide range of staging options including hybrid, immerse participants and build excitement. Specialty services like tour management and technical theatre support, assist in every step of production, planning, and execution.

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Hybrid+℠ Events

Encore elevates your hybrid experience with professional creative, production, and technology services. Whether you need a clean and safe place to meet, a professional presentation studio, or a strong virtual event platform, Encore has a solution.

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Virtual Solutions

Host engaging and inspiring virtual events that will leave your virtual audience wanting more.

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We’ve produced beautifully designed weddings for decades. Let’s transform your dreams into memorable reality with innovative creative, décor, memorable experiences, production and event technology.

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In-Person & Hybrid Solutions

In-person events are exciting and inspirational to attend, but it’s time to break the boundaries and create events that reach more, connect more, and engage more.

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Small Meetings

Our experts help you create small meetings that deliver big experiences. Encore offers the right tools and expertise to elevate atmosphere, prevent technical glitches and drive participation and engagement.

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