Event Strategy and Design

Having a clear set of objectives is key to building an effective event strategy. Business objectives, like raising brand awareness or increasing revenue through a new vertical, are excellent drivers to get us started. Has your business strategy changed? Do you need a hybrid or virtual event solution? What do you want your attendees to remember when they leave your event? After aligning with your goals, Encore will frame the best set of solutions to help you achieve them.

Strategic Planning

Perhaps it’s a product launch, an awards show, a gala dinner, or an experiential event. Whatever your event type, no planning can begin without effective strategy.

Through a series of questions, Encore’s event strategy experts will guide you and can help spot potential roadblocks. We also love coming up with new ways of reaching your audience, in ways you hadn’t dreamt of. 

Engagement Strategies

We’ll come up with human-centered strategies that create lasting, positive and powerful connections.

Through attention to detail, we’ll help you journey map and identify every touch point of your event and space.

Theme Development

Some events require theme development: a “fire and ice social gala”, for example.

Developing your event theme takes all the senses into consideration — what your attendees will see, feel, hear, touch, (and sometimes taste).

Environment Design

The orientation of a room, chair placement, speaker placement — we take every detail into account when designing your event environment and ensure that every attendee walks away with a similar, positive experience.

Experience Design

Engagement, participation, immersion — it all plays into experience design.

What will the hybrid, virtual or in-person experience need to feel like? Encore transforms events into experiences.

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Sponsorship Support

Your stakeholders can hold prominence at your events through creative use of traditional fabrication as well as audio visual technology.

Encore has decades of experience providing sponsorship support for conventions, trade shows, galas, and other special events.

Need help supporting your virtual event sponsors? We’ll show you how. Download our free guide:

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In the Spotlight

With large live events prohibited under COVID-19 restrictions, the graduation team at the University of Sydney needed a solution for their celebratory event. The solution needed to address the client’s three concerns: how the event would look; that the graduating class would get a professional, engaging experience, and that broadcasting to multiple countries concurrently, particularly to China, would be successful.

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