K-12's Annual Leadership Institute

Attending an annual meeting is often one of the highlights for an association’s membership. The Arizona K-12 Center decided to pivot their 15th Annual Leadership Institute into a completely virtual program with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and event platform engagement tools.


The Arizona K-12 Center needed to pivot to virtual for their 15th Annual Leadership Institute.  They challenged us to host a 2-day engaging and interactive virtual experience inclusive of breakout session to provide numerous topics to choose from for their attendees.  


Utilize the Chime Live platform to livestream keynote speakers and 9 on-demand breakout sessions while enabling interaction and engagement inclusive of polling, chat, Q&A, social feed and more. Strategy, content development, event management, registration management, virtual production, platform selection and technology management. Coaching for the presenters and individual production kits to guarantee speakers had optimal sound, lighting and equipment.


“The PSAV team that we worked with was phenomenal and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They truly lived up to all of my expectations”. — Kristin Moon Professional Learning Designer

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