Family Medicine Residency Graduation

Graduating from Medical school is an amazing achievement. After years of intense study and real-life work as a hospital resident, it was critical for this group of medical students to celebrate how far their studies have taken them – in a safe, eventful way.

See how professors, graduates, family and friends were able to connect with one another in a hybrid setting.


Our in-house team was asked to hold a ceremony at the South Seas Island Resort for 10 physicians graduating from a State University College of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency Program. The college professors delivered their commencement speeches to the graduates via Zoom. Each graduate was able to bring one guest in order to stay in compliance with social distance guidelines.


Our virtual events team provided two-way conversation with the graduates onsite, professors, plus over 100 virtual attendees. In the days prior to the event, our production team arranged and provided guidance through rehearsals, practices and during the event. To ensure the health and safety of our in-person guests, we applied our MeetSAFE™ Guidelines for physical distancing, equipment cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the entire technical team.


Even with short notice, we were able to help the event organizer plan and execute the event with success. The customer was pleased and the South Seas Island Resort was thrilled that Encore Global could offer this service to its clients. Many of the virtual attendees posted congratulatory messages in the group chat. All comments and congratulatory messages were projected on-screen for the in-person attendees. Sharing those messages with the in-person guests helped bridge the barrier between in-person and remote attendees.

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