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Products and Solutions to Elevate Your Immersive Vision

Together, we’ll use our expertise to pull from our various technology products and services to design signature multi-sensory experiences that help you achieve your event goals.

Backdrop Pro

Perfect for elevating large and small environments with vibrant, budget-friendly scenic

LED Walls

Video Display
Perfect for engaging via dynamic visuals, interactive content and seamless customization

Projection Mapping

Video Display
Perfect for enhancing your ambiance with projected visuals, animations or interactive content

Line Array Speakers

Perfect for precise sound coverage for crystal-clear audio across your space


Audience Engagment
Perfect for boosting interaction via live polls, Q&As, surveys and data-driven insights

Vibrant Lighting

Lighting Solutions
Perfect for transforming the ambiance and setting the tone for your program

Chime Live

Audience Engagement
Perfect for diverse engagement tools, Encore-provided iPads, “green” content delivery and rich analytics

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