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Summertime is normally a recess for educators. For the folks at Corwin, the premier publisher of professional learning resources, it was time for the 2019 Annual Visible Learning Conference, a crucial meeting bringing the greatest minds in education together to share insights about the world’s leading research to improve learning. A tall task. Which is why they tapped Encore’s global production group to bring the engagement and production of this event to another level.

Over 2,500 attendees, made up of educators and researchers, descended upon Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for a full suite of general sessions and breakout meetings over two days. Immediate audience engagement was inevitable as they walked into the main room and into the largest general session, they had ever experienced. A 45’ x 15’ center screen, 26.5’ x 15’ side screens, harmonizing uplit scenic, and delay screens made the room an interactive canvas of astonishing visuals and creative. For entertainment, Corwin put on several showcases and brought some Las Vegas royalty—an Elvis impersonator that was a crowd favorite.

This was a collaboration between Encore’s onsite team at Bellagio and the global production group, which meant the customer, enjoyed the full scope of Encore’s solutions. General Sessions and breakout rooms over two days were one seamless event for everyone involved.

As a first-year partner of Encore, Corwin’s work stream made them a dream client—superb communicators with knowledgeable veterans that possessed a young energy and enthusiasm for their mission. That charge kept the pre-show planning and in-show content positive, upbeat, and informative. Encore acted as the production partner to bridge the message to screens and speakers. Needless to say, the attendees soaked up every minute of it like precocious children ready to learn.

“Encore has been phenomenal,” said Karina Ruan, senior marketing manager at Corwin, “They worked with us from the very beginning, and was extremely detailed with every single piece of the conference.”

Added Katie Hann, senior events manager at Corwin, “[Encore] really understood my vision and what I wanted the spaces to look like, and how I wanted everything to feel.”

The tall task of an upgraded General Session was a success thanks to the work between Corwin and Encore—leveraging each other’s best strengths and experiences. With this type of partnership, feeling good and looking good comes easy!